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Page Rendering Issue

Hello all:

We recently stood up a new site collection, and I moved all of the artifacts/widgets/files/pages from an existing site collection. Users that were recently added to the new site collection (none of these users have Full Control rights) cannot see any of the widgets on the home page. The widgets were rendered through the Akumina generator. The home page is checked in and published. I compared the configuration of the old and new site collection and I don't see any differences. Is there a setting I missed that would allow users with Design rights or lower to see the widgets on a page?

Is the site multi lingual? And when you deployed the widgets, did you use ml=true?

No sir, the site isn't multilingual. When I deployed the widgets, I had ml=false in the .env file.

I would log a support ticket - most likely it is something small and easy to resolve.


Also - "moved all of the artifacts/widgets/files/pages from an existing site collection" - how was this done? if you look in the WidgetProperties_AK list in the site, locate the SiteId column. Does that match the destination site ID or the OLD one? If the old, change it to the new, redo the widget cache and retry.

Everything was moved via Visual Studio merge operations to a new branch in Azure DevOps. It looks like the issue has been resolved; there was a permissions issue on our side. I'll update if we run into any more issues. Thanks.

Got it - thanks for the update!