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Personalized digital workplaces

Check out this insightful Q&A with Akumina CEO @erogers (Ed Rogers), who shares his thoughts on building a community to empower developers, and what’s next for employee experiences and personalization. Let us know what you’d like to see next from Akumina, and what big ideas you have for the future of your sites.

I'm excited to see that you've gotten the Akumina Community launched!  As a Customer, I share wholeheartedly in what Ed talks about in linked Blog post (I would have commented on the blog itself, but didn't see how I could do it.  Should I have been able to?).  I believe we are in the early days of what we're calling the Digital Workplace.  There is a lot to learn, a lot to try and a lot to share over time in terms of what works, what doesn't and what the context/objective was for that success/failure.  We can learn a lot other Customers and a lot from what the Akumina team has learned, so having a place where that can come together is exciting!

Congrats on getting this launched!!!

So happy to have you here, Keith! Wholeheartedly agree.

As far as the commenting on blog articles goes, for a couple of reasons we decided to keep the commenting in just the forums -- one being that we'd really like to generate a conversation in one area and really try to get the discussion going. I'm really hoping that the forums become the most frequently traveled spot on the site. Not that we won't put a ton of effort into writing content that we hope is helpful.

That said, the forums aren't perfect, so we're hoping to build on this first phase.

Very excited for the new forums. As an Akumina partner, I am hoping this will become an invaluable place to learn and share ideas.  Looking forward to see it take off.

Thanks, @tfelton.


BTW, @kkratochvil, we're looking into adding commenting to blog posts. I should have an announcement about that soon. Hopefully, tomorrow!

I understand either way @david-pierce!

Hey @David-Pierce - I'd love to see a thread here devoted to best practices in training  -- both end users and admins. Can we spin up a forum for that?

Great idea. Will do!

@tfelton, I started a forum here: 

You should be able to start a new topic in that forum.