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Tooling: how to build and package just 1 widget

You can package a single widget via the command:

npm run package HeroBanner

Where HeroBanner is the FOLDER of the widget in the src/js/widgets folder.

This will pack that one only, and place the widget ZIP in the build location; see in the akumina.config.json file:



i was talking with one of my coworkers about this, we think it would be really useful if the default behavior was to package one widget (a prompt to provide widget name if you dont provide one) and use a flag only when you want to package all of them. i keep intending to only deploy one widget and forgetting to delete the old packages and ending up wasting time 🙁


You can actually use the command:

npm run clean

And that will clean out the widget packages, so you can then run a package of only your desired widget.

Just wanted to note we have a new article explaining this topic: