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Creating personalized employee experiences just got way better

Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform has 4 new features for experience building and personalization

With its 4.5 release, Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform has four powerful new features for experience building and personalization.

Akumina’s EXP has 4 new features for experience building and personalization

Personalization, customization, and delivering content in context – we hear about these concepts all the time in the tech and marketing worlds. Everyone wants them, few understand them fully, and hardly anyone does them well.

So, whether you invest in a digital experience platform (DXP) for a website or an employee experience platform (EXP) for an intranet and digital workplace, you take a huge leap of faith and make a big financial commitment, but you end up doing just the basics and inventing work-arounds.

On the EXP front, Akumina’s 4.5 release takes the wishful thinking, finger-crossing, and frustration out of the equation. These four new state-of-the-art features give enterprises real ways to easily build better experiences in their modern intranet:

  1. Experience Builder – customize each user’s experience.

Put the power to create new experiences in the hands of the business. From components, to pages, to full-blown sites, X-Builder allows users to create personalized and targeted experiences, bringing together the right set of components, content, and workflows to create the most engaging experience for every user, regardless of device, or language.

  1. Persona Builder – identify each user.

Dynamically identify users and groups based on real-time attributes to ensure each user experience is highly targeted and highly personalized. No more one-size-fits-all employee experience – target the right content, right apps, right language, right region, and all the relevant corporate communications, project management, and tools to the right users without needing development resources to make it come to life.

  1. Impersonation Engine – test your personas and their experiences.

Every employee is different and every interaction with your employees is critical. Ensuring you are delivering the right experience to each persona inside of your business is key. With Impersonation Engine, you can test and QA the personalized experiences you create.

  1. Headless 2.0 – ‘headless’ runtime support

These new features are also available for “headless” or decoupled development (outside the SharePoint platform). Teams can now create best-of-breed digital experiences quickly, employing an industry-standard development-staging-production workflow model locally, and then deploying to their sites. This gives developers an agile and unrestricted path to better performance and faster innovation. 

The new release also features enhancements to the front-end user interface (UI) and user experience (UX), and several important updates for developers.

That’s Akumina 4.5 in a nutshell. Want a demo of all the new bells and whistles in the Akumina EXP? Sign up for a demo here.

In the meantime, check out this webinar for a look at Akumina’s 4.5 release.

Dave Pierce
Dave Pierce
Dave Pierce manages the Akumina Community website, where he writes content, interacts with Akumina users, and shares success stories and how-to materials. He came to Akumina from Acquia, an open-source digital experience company. He brings 20-plus years of award-winning journalism experience, most notably at The Boston Globe. Dave lives in Nashua, New Hampshire, with his wife, Dana, two teenage daughters, his sweet cat Leia, and another cat who is his sworn enemy.