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It’s time to get personal with employee experiences

Akumina Persona Builder

With Persona Builder, the Akumina Employee Experience Platform has a better tool to identify people and target digital workplace experiences to them.

With Persona Builder, real digital
workplace personalization is possible

So, we just unveiled our highly anticipated 4.5 release of the Akumina Employee Experience Platform, and I’m pretty sure my favorite part is the Persona Builder.

Most “personalized” digital experiences are really like “close enough” content plays for people segmented into groups by basic data. I generally don’t get excited about this stuff because who has the time, the ability, and the resources for anything other than making somewhat-educated guesses? Right?

But Persona Builder makes a serious challenge to that assumption, I think.

Let’s say you had the following people on your team:

  • VP of marketing
  • Content manager
  • Events planner
  • Website content person and technical writer
  • A mid-level manager with one foot in sales and another in marketing
  • A new hire

All six could work on the same team, in the same department, and collaborate on a lot of the same work.

Sure, they might even need to consume the same content at times, need most of the same communication, need the same project management, same payroll site, same place to do employee reviews and goal-setting, same tools for business expenses, same email system, same digital asset management tools, and same … what have you.

They might look kinda identical to a robot.

But there’s no way their digital workplace experiences should be the same. They have different levels of experience, expertise, and are graded on different curves with vastly different objectives.

They’re also, you know, real people. And no two people work the same way.

Now think of an even bigger team or a wide variety of departments in different time zones, speaking different languages, working completely different jobs that give them the feeling they’re working for completely different companies.

Now, you’re talking about a need for enterprise-level personalization. How do you do THAT?

Here are a couple of resources to learn how Akumina lets you identify people better, create rich personas, and get started with our intuitive new tool:

The Akumina Employee Experience Platform also features Experience Builder to build customized experiences, the Impersonation Engine to make sure intended audiences get intended content, and Headless 2.0 for more support of “headless” or decoupled development.

Still need more?

Want a demo of all the new bells and whistles in the Akumina EXP? Sign up for a demo here.

In the meantime, check out this webinar for a look at Akumina’s 4.5 release.

Dave Pierce
Dave Pierce
Dave Pierce manages the Akumina Community website, where he writes content, interacts with Akumina users, and shares success stories and how-to materials. He came to Akumina from Acquia, an open-source digital experience company. He brings 20-plus years of award-winning journalism experience, most notably at The Boston Globe. Dave lives in Nashua, New Hampshire, with his wife, Dana, two teenage daughters, his sweet cat Leia, and another cat who is his sworn enemy.