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Activity Stream Widget (Foundation Site Installation not Hive)

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Activity Stream Widget


Displays a users Activity Stream feed experience with O365 and 3rd party providers with the ability to share and promote content, communicate critical and time sensitive messages and ties comments and notifications to a user’s personalized collaborative activity stream. 



    • Displays the Activity Stream cards and important notifications
    • Ability to react on an item with any of the available reaction emojis
    • Provides a reaction rollup count of all reactions
    • Ability to comment on an item directly
    • Ability to comment with @mentions 
    • Ability to share and promote content
    • Provides a comment count of all comments
    • Ability to display compact stream cards for viewing a latest stream activity


    • Widget Name: ActivityStreamWidget 
    • Available With:  Release 5.0 and above
    • Content App Type:  N/A 
    • Content Type:  N/A 
    • Content App Name: N/A 
    • List Name: N/A
    • Recommended Images Sizes:  N/A 
    • Dependencies:   SharePoint Subscription/Outlook Subscription/PUSH Subscription(any 3rd party)


N/A, data is pulled from Activity Stream


Subscription List OOTB – Blank (defaults to include all subscriptions in stream).  Specify the subscription ids (comma delimited) for the subscriptions to be included in Activity Stream display
Hide Load More OOTB – Blank (defaults to show load more button on activity stream page scrolling). Check for true to not show the load more button.
Items/Page OOTB – Blank (defaults to 10). Number of items to display on a page
widgetframework Determines the type of framework the widget provides. Value = react



View Name: ActivityInteractions

View Description:  Displays Activity Stream in a stacked view with the ability to comment, react, and take action on subscription cards.

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