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Akumina User Guide (5.5)

This user guide includes all the basic information needed to navigate and use the Akumina 5.5 and later releases. It will provide you with an understanding of the most important functions for both admins and business users. References to additional detailed documents are included for some functions.  Akumina 5.5 provides a Modern multi-lingual environment.

Akumina’s Search Experience 2.0 enables a more robust search engine with expanded capabilities for search actions and ranking, improving the user experience with intelligent search suggestions, promoted results, call-to-action buttons and customizable search refiners.

Business users now have the ability to create complete separate department sites that do not end up as “Sub Sites” or “Children” of the main intranet. These sites will be deployed in their own site collection and be referred to as a sibling site. The department/market sites can exist at the same level as main intranet and other department/market sites.

Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform leverages Azure MarketPlace Installation for Headless and SharePoint as a service to provide an intuitive and easy to use, task-based user interface to create and manage site content, perform site administration tasks and customize the experience for all users that interact with your intranet, portal, extranet or public-facing website.

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