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AppManager License (release 6.0 and above)

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The AppManager License screen, located within the Settings section of the Central site, allows authorized users to view the license key, view the enabled product features, and enable new features with an updated key. In addition, the system will track the license key expiration date and send a message thirty days prior to the expiration date.

License Key and Product Features

The License Key and Product Features is a single license key provided by Akumina which can contain one or more of the available Akumina product features. The license key “Activate Key” option is provided to renew the key or add additional features to the existing license. The expiration date of the current key is displayed.

The Enable Features is used to enable additional functionality to be supported by the Akumina AppManager and the Akumina Framework.  Licensed functionality includes:

The listing will look as follows if all are enabled:

Globalization and Localization

The Akumina Workspaces appears as a single line item which is enabled when licensed.  Using the Site Creator, sites can be deployed with or without the Akumina Workspaces functionality when this is enabled.

For Multilingual, the feature will appear in the “Off” mode when it is detected in the license key.  This allows you to deploy a new site with Multilingual turned off even if you have the license.  When Multilingual is turned on, you will also see the “Enable Auto-Translate” functionality switch.  See the Using Multilingual section for more information.

License Key Expiration Date

The Existing License displays the expiration date for the production version (PROD) of AppManager for each client.  In addition, clients can register one Non-Prod AppManager URL.  The Non-Prod AppManager WILL NOT EXPIRE.
Thirty days prior to the expiration date, a message will be displayed the PROD AppManager will be expiring.

Once a license is Expired, the Akumina Framework and AppManager will shut down.

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