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AppManager Performance Optimization

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If you are looking to optimize the AppManager performance for your users, there are a few options available for enabling/disabling certain functions that can help.

The following keys can be used in the “interchange.settings.config” file beginning with the AppManager 3.4.1704.0356 release.

Disabling the AppManager Notification Center

If you are NOT using SharePoint Workflows for either Akumina Forms or any SharePoint lists being managed by the AppManager, then this key can be used to turn off some of the processing overhead for the AppManager Notification Center where workflow messages appear.


Not using SharePoint workflows – disables AppManager Notification Center:

  <add key=”akumina:WorkflowTasksEnabled” value =”false”/>


Using SharePoint workflows – enables AppManager Notification Center (this is also the default value if the key is not present):

  <add key=”akumina:WorkflowTasksEnabled” value =”true”/>

Enabling CDN Delivery of AppManager application images

For faster rendering of the AppManager application images (such as the AppManager logo, standard app icons, etc.), the following key is used to enable the rendering of those images on the client side directly from our central image store (this will be the default setting in new installations beginning with AppManager 3.4.1704.0356)

<add key=”akumina:StaticOriginPath” value =””/>


Disabling the “Your Latest Content” display in AppManager

Population of the “Your Latest Content” listing area in the right pane of the Contents tab of the AppManager can be very useful.  However, it does take some time during the initial startup for a user to traverse all their apps/lists to determine the list of latest content.  If your users are not relying on this feature, you can turn off the listing which will decrease the amount of load time for the AppManager.


Disable the “Your Latest Content” listing pane in the Content Apps tab:

  <add key=”akumina:ShowLatestContents” value =”false”/>


Enable the “Your Latest Content” listing pane in the Content Apps tab: (this is also the default value if the key is not present):

  <add key=”akumina:ShowLatestContents” value =”true”/>

Optimize Cross-domain calls to AppManager

  • To optimize the response time for the front end site pages, add the following line into the customheaders section of the web.config file (this will cache the cross-domain preflight OPTIONS request calls to AppManager )
    • <add name=”Access-Control-Max-Age” value=”1600″ />’

    • value is in seconds and can be set to your desired duration

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