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Banner Widget

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Main Features

  • Supports image, title, sub-text, button text and link on a per slide basis
  • Control the positioning of text on the slides
  • Control the display of slide controls
  • Supports both slide and fade animation types
  • Unique drag/drop UI in AppManager allows for easy ordering and activation/deactivation of individual items
  • Dynamically adjusts to accommodate image size
  • Items displayed are security trimmed based on specific site user’s SharePoint permissions
  • Mobile-ready via Responsive Web Design

Uses List Definition(s): (click to view definition)


Banner Widget Properties Example Instance



Property Details
Listname Name of the SharePoint list that contains the data to be displayed for this instance.
infinite loop Sets the slideshow to automatically loop the content. Values are “true” and “false”
autoplay Causes the banner to automatically start playing on page access.  Values are “true” and “false”
show navigation Enable the display of the slide navigation selector (dots). Values are “true” and “false”
transition effect Transition between slides.

Values are “horizontal” or “fade”

slide duration (ms) The amount of time spent on each slide before progressing.  Time is in milliseconds.
text color Text color themes.  Values are “white“, “black”, “grey”
text location Location on the slide for the text block.

Values are

  1. “top_left”
  • “top_center”
  • “top_right”
  • “middle_left”
  • “middle_center”
  • “middle_right”
  • “bottom_left”
  • “bottom_center”
  • “bottom_right”
text alignment Alignment of the text displayed in the set location.  Values are “left”, “center” and “right”
max h1 characters Maximum number of characters that the H1 title will display
max h2 characters Maximum number of characters that the H2 subtitle will display
max button characters Maximum number of characters that the button will display
webparttheme N/A (future)
linkbuttontheme N/A (future)
enablepreview Value = false for this instance
view View Name = BannerDefault

View Template URL =

/Style Library/DigitalWorkPlace/Content/Templates/Banner/Default.html


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