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Comment Approvals in Voice

Setting up Comment Approvals

Comment Approvals provides the ability for authorized users/content authors to define the type of comment moderation that is required on user generated content. Comment Approvals have been integrated with Akumina Flow to establish the comment moderation flow, establish permissions based on roles, and send notifications on comment status. Comment Approvals can be configured on the Engagement tab in author type content apps. Comment approval moderation can be set to no approval, pre-approval, or user reported.

From the Voice Structured Content Module, create a content item which has been enabled for social rules and comments. Add a new item to the content app and click on the Engagement tab to set the comment moderation.

To display the Engagement tab on content, the social rules must be enabled for the content app in content app settings.

Enable Comments is enabled by default. Disabling comments will remove the ability to comment on the content and will remove the comment moderation options.

Comment moderation is set to User Reported by default. When Pre-Approval is selected, a dropdown to select a moderator will appear. The moderator defines the users that can perform the content moderation for this content. Users are defined for content approval roles in Akumina Flow.


Select the users for the comment moderator role and click save.

NOTE: Only roles that support content approval in Akumina Flow Designer Management App are shown in the drop down.

Akumina Flow content approval supports different roles with comment moderation workflows based on the content and provides the flexibility for the content author to select the desired role based on the type of content.  For example, one set of reviewers could be configured for CEO comments, and another set of reviewers could be configured for Finance comments.

Note:  Comment moderation roles must be configured in Akumina Flow Management App for initial set up (normally set up by a System Administrator). This defines the role requirements (for example, author, reviewer) for this piece of content. After initial set up, role types can be re-used for content approvals. Refer to Configuring Roles in Akumina Flow section below in this document.

When a user submits a comment on content that is set to pre-approval, the user will see their comment with a tag of “under review” until a moderator approves or rejects the comment. The user will receive a notification of their comment being approved/rejected.

When comment approval moderation is set to pre-approval, the users in the moderator role will be notified via the notification bell, that a comment needs to be reviewed. When clicking on the link, the moderator will be directed to the comment(s) requiring approval and can approve or reject the comment(s).

Messages for Comment Moderation Review can be changed in the Notification Manager > Sub-pages > Title Templates > Notification Titles > Title Templates by Notification Type > Comment Moderator Review

If a comment is rejected, a comment modal will appear for the moderator to enter a reason for the rejection.

Configuring Roles in Akumina Flow

Comment Moderation Roles are configured within the Akumina Flow designer management app.  When pre-approval comment moderation is selected, a role is required to be selected as the comment moderator. Roles can be permissioned based on an individual user, persona, or group. Roles must be defined for each reviewer role (user with permissions to review/approve the comment), such as (CEO Content, Finance Content, Manager, etc.). Depending on the comment moderation requirements, multiple reviewers/approvers can be assigned.

Comment Moderation Roles are configured in Akumina Flow Designer Management App. To configure the roles, go to AppManager > Management Apps > Akumina Flow Designer App > Sub-Pages > Roles. To learn more about Akumina Flow Designer click here.

Enter a new role name and click add.


When new roles are added, the permission default of who can access this role is set to Everyone.

Click on the pencil icon to change the user permissions of the role.

Roles can be permissioned based on an individual user, persona, or group. Select the appropriate access and click ok.

In the example below, four individual users have been permissioned to the content author role.

Click on Content Approval for the supported process type.  This is required as only roles that support content approval in Akumina Flow Designer Management App are shown in the drop down of the comment moderator role.


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