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Customizing the “” File

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  • Change the name from “” to “”
  • You will get this confirmation popup select “YES

Customizing the “” File

  • Right Click on “” and click on “Extract All…” from the dropdown menuCustomizing the “” File
  • Navigate to the extracted folderCustomizing the “” File
  • Right click on “AppManifest.xml” and click “Open with > Notepad”.Customizing the “” File
  • There are 4 items that need to be changed
    • Product ID
    • Title
    • StartPage
    • ClientId

Change the Product ID

  • It is recommend that each App have a unique Product ID. An online guid generator should be used to create a new unique “Product ID” example:
    Customizing the “” File12

Change the Title

  • If your tenant has more than one AppManager then a unique title is a good idea The title will appear on the App in “Site Contents” > “Your Apps”Customizing the “” File5Customizing the “” File6

Changing the Start Page

  • Change the URL for the <StartPage> to your AppManager Redirect URLthat you have in your Note file from the results of running “AppRegNew” for example:
  • The following value is set for the <StartPage>:Customizing the “” File7

Changing the ClientId

Change the ClientId to the value that is saved in “MyNotes.txt”, from the output of running “AppRegNew”, in our example the value will be changed to: b3824b0d-cffb-48c9-a006-508c7eda60f6.

Customizing the “” File8


Below is the updated file with the Product ID, Title, redirect URL and the Client ID highlighted:
Customizing the “” File9

Repacking the .app file

  • On the Notepad top menu, click “File” and from the dropdown menu, click “Save”.
  • On File Explorer Select all files in folders in the C:\Akumina\Apps Directory.
  • Right Click from the dropdown select “Send to > Compressed (zipped) folder”.
    Customizing the “” File10
  • Rename: Thenewly created zip to a unique name example:
    “” When you rename the popup will appear click “YesCustomizing the “” File11

Adding the App file to the SharePoint App catalog

Login into the O365 Tenant as the SharePoint App Catalog Administrator.  Navigate to the App Catalog and click “Apps for SharePoint” on the left navigation menu.

Drag and Drop the newly created App File into “Apps for SharePoint”, verify that the App file has been added successfully with no errors.

apps for SharePoint

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