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Document Management System (DMS) Control

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The Akumina DMS Controls are a full document management listing that combines a folder tree view, document list, search filter, refiners and multiple tab views into one easy to use interface. Each of these controls can be used together or separately in any needed combination to address specific site needs. That said, together the Akumina DMS controls deliver a complete replacement for, and significant upgrade to, the standard SharePoint Library experience.

The DMS controls includes a powerful drag/drop mode with a tagging wizard that prompts users to complete any required metadata fields and select whether they want to check-in the documents as part of the upload. No more documents being left checked out by accident. As with all Akumina Controls the DMS Controls support mobile access via Responsive Web Design out of the box.

The DMS Control uses the existing Snippet technology, so it is setup and managed differently than the other Akumina widgets.


Main Features

  • Four controls combine to provide the full experience:
  • Folder tree
  • View tabs (Most Recent, My Documents, Popular, Recommended)
  • Document Grid
  • Refiners
  • Includes a powerful drag/drop mode with wizard which prompts user to complete any required fields and select whether they want to check-in the documents as part of the upload.
  • Context menu appears with the correct options based on user selection
  • Create new files or drag/drop them to add
  • Folder tree navigation linked to the document grid
  • Refiners adjust as documents list changes
  • Quick search filters files listed in the grid dynamically as user types
  • Preview pane provides document preview (requires Office Web Apps installed) and quick link to the document
  • Fully supported by the IDS (Instruction Data Set) technology and AppManager Control Apps
  • Items displayed are security trimmed based on specific site user’s SharePoint permissions
  • Mobile-ready via Responsive Web Design


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