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HTML Tab Widget

HTML Tab Widget


A powerful and versatile widget that allows you to define tabs for content and provides full edit capability of that tab content within the ckeditor. 


  • Provides ability to create tabs with content using the ckeditor
  • Stores content locally
  • Ability to add, edit and delete tabs
  • Each tab contains a separate HTML content
  • Allows for all ckeditor functions within each tab
  • Ability to add an optional title field above all the tabs


  • Widget Name: HTMLTabWidget 
  • Available With:Release 5.5 and above
  • Content App Type:  Author 
  • Content Type:  AkuminaHTML 
  • Content App Name:  HTMLTabWidget 
  • List Name:  N/A 
  • Recommended Images Sizes:  N/A 
  • Dependencies:  N/A 


N/A – Comma delimited list of items within tabs in widget on page.


  • Add Tab
    • Click Add button to add a new tab

    • Enter the new tab name and click save
  • Edit Tab
    • Select a tab and click Edit button to edit the name of the tab

    • Enter the updated tab name and click save
  • Delete Tab
    • Select a tab and click Delete button to delete the selected tab
    • The tab and HTML tab content will be deleted
  • Each tab contains a separate HTML block
  • Ability to add a Display Title Field above all tabs using widget properties


View Name:  Default View

View Description:  View is dependent on the content. 

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