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Important Dates Widget

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Important Dates Widget Main Features

  • Items can be explicit items in a list OR linked to calendar events
  • Links can be set to open in the same window (site links) or a new window (external links)
  • Includes expiration date support to automatically remove content from site
  • Support for unlimited number of events
  • Items displayed are security trimmed based on specific site user’s SharePoint permissions
  • Mobile-ready via Responsive Web Design

Uses Content Type: (click to view definition)


Widget Properties Example Instance

Important Dates Widget

Property Details
title If a value is entered, then the title will appear on the header of the widget.
icon Selects the icon that is displayed to the left of the widget title.
calendar A null or “false” value means that the dates are not coming from a calendar list type.

A “true” value means that the dates are coming from a calendar list type

featuredfield This is the name of the field in the list which contains the “featured” flag.  When the “calendar” is set to “true”, the featured flag in the list is required to be set to true for the event to be displayed on the widget.
calendardisplay This field is ONLY used if the “calendar” field is true.  The values for the Calendar Display field are either:

blank = show dates beginning from yesterday

today = show dates beginning today
month = show dates beginning one month ago

cacheinterval Sets the time (in secs) that the data should be saved in the local browser cache of the current user.

0 = do not cache the data for this widget

-1 = use the default caching strategy set in the Digital Workplace configuration

[whole number] = cache for specified time (secs)

itemstodisplay This controls how many items to display.
callbackmethod The callbackmethod is set by the developer of the widget.
VIEW View Name =

View Template URL =


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