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My Announcements Widget

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My Announcements Widget Main Features

  • Displays news item from a list as a hyperlinked image with a display title overlay
  • Allows for an unlimited number of news items to display (defaults to 3 news items)
  • Selection of the news item to display is determined by tags in the widget instance
  • Can be set to display the latest content with a specific tag
  • Can be targeted based on the current user’s department, city or AD group
  • Item is hyperlinked using the FriendlyURL to the dynamic display page for the content
  • Provides the ability to view more news via the News Experience Page
  • Mobile-ready via Responsive Web Design

Uses Content Type: (click to view content type definition)


Widget Properties Example Instance

My Announcements Widget

Property Details
selectfields The data fields (columns) from the SharePoint list that the widget should retrieve for use in this instance.
cacheinterval Sets the time (in secs) that the data should be saved in the local browser cache of the current user.

0 = do not cache the data for this widget

-1 = use the default caching strategy set in the Digital Workplace configuration

[whole number] = cache for specified time (secs)

category Metadata tags to determine news items to display
featured If checked, only items marked as “featured” will be shown
listname Name of the SharePoint list that contains the data to be displayed for this instance.
Itemstodisplay Number of news items to display
callbackmethod The callbackmethod is set by the developer of the widget.
orderdirection Determines if displayed ascending or descending order. Default is ASC
VIEW View Name =

View Template URL =



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