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My Email Widget (Foundation Site Install not Hive)

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My Email Widget


Displays a clickable list of the logged in user’s most recent emails.  When a email has been selected, the email opens in Outlook.


    • Quick access to your most recent emails without having to go to your email app
    • Customizable number of emails to display


    • Widget Name: MyEmailWidget
    • Available With:  Release 4.8 and above
    • Content App Type: N/A
    • Content Type: N/A
    • Content App Name: N/A
    • List Name: N/A
    • Recommended Images Sizes: N/A
    • Dependencies: Microsoft Graph




Displayed Title Title that the widget will display to the user
Number of Mail Items to Display by Most Recent Sets the number of emails to display in the widget
Time Format The format the time will appear, either standard (12) or military time (24).
Cache Interval 10 minutes is set as default.

Sets the time, in minutes, that the data should be saved in the local browser cache of the current user.

·       0 = Do not cache the data for this widget

·       -1 = Use the default caching strategy set via Site Creator

Whole Number = Cache for specific time, in minutes

Function to call after fetching data OOTB -Blank (used for widget expansion):  Name of the function called after data has been fetched by the widget.
Function to call before binding the UI events OOTB -Blank (used for widget expansion):  Name of the function called after the UI has been rendered to the screen


View Name:  MailItems

View Description:  A vertical stacked list display of emails, complete with icon, title, and summary of sender, date, and time.

 View Preview: From the “Me Bar”

If the widget is displayed outside the “Me Bar” then the same view will adapt the styles of the non “Me Bar” widgets. The title on the widget will come from the “display title” defined on the widget properties:


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