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People Directory Widget

Main Features

  • Utilizes either the SharePoint Profile Service or Azure Active Directory/Microsoft Graph API to display personnel data
  • Includes search and filtering for fast and efficient employee lookups
  • Includes both a grid view (shown) as well as a list view
  • Provides ability to adjust and add new filter facets

People Directory Widget Properties Example Instance

Property Details
searchtype If a value is entered, then the title will appear on the header of the App.
facets Determines the facets which will be displayed for filtering on the left side of the display.  These facets can be modified by developers to match the data content which exists for users.  For this OOTB example the facets are defined as follows:[{ “facetName”:”department”,”facetDisplayName”:”Department”},{ “facetName”:”officelocation”,”facetDisplayName”:”Office Location”}]

There is an additional parameter that can be added to support cases where a facet for a user may be populated with multiple pipe (|) concatenated values (such as location facet having BOSTON|OFF12|MA). In this case, you might want to find if the officelocation value “contains” BOSTON. To do this, you would modify that facet as follows:

{ “facetName”:”officelocation”,”facetDisplayName”:”Office Location”,“facetCondition”:”contains”}

fetchphotofromad If true, the photo to display is pulled from AzureAD.
If false, the photo to display is pulled from another source.
Enableazselector Controls the display of the A-Z selector.
VIEW View Name = PeopleDirectory

View Template URL =

/Style Library/digitalworkplace/Content/Templates/PeopleDirectory/Default.html

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