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Release 4.1

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Version 4.1 Releases

Release date: 10/21/19

AppManager Product Version:  4.1.1901.0122

Akumina Framework Version: 4.1.1901.0112

AppManager Framework Functionality

  • Corrected rendering of HTML in Discussions Widget
  • Corrected survey form field data saving for date formatted fields

AppManager Functionality

  • Fixed the View Manger to display duplicate name folders as separate folders
  • Added ability for content authors to create new sub term for taxonomy categories within metadata field types
  • Fixed intermittent editing issue to remain on page after save
  • Corrected Metadata Taxonomy Label textbox display when multilingual enabled
  • Corrected paging functionality within the content app image picker when paging back one page at a time
  • Corrected permission issue for publish and save content on Author, QuickLinks and Slider apps
  • Added multilingual support for languages with special characters, i.e. Norwegian (Bokmâl)

Release date: 3/26/19

AppManager Product Version:  4.1.1901.0118

Akumina Framework Version: 4.1.1901.0115

Foundation Site Version:  4.1.1901.0112

BackgroundProcessor: 4.1.1901.0115

AppManager Functionality

  • Added support for adding term sets from appmanager on taxonomy columns that allow it.
  • Addressed issues with taxonomy selector where selection contained approximately 20 or more values.
  • Added better support for File App in Multilingual mode – addressed publish and save issues.

Release date: 3/19/19

AppManager Product Version:  4.1.1901.0115

Akumina Framework Version: 4.1.1901.0115

Foundation Site Version:  4.1.1901.0112

BackgroundProcessor: 4.1.1901.0115

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Weather widget – Updated to support Yahoo API changes.
  • Document Viewer – Corrected issue with displaying sub-folders in certain circumstances.
  • Enhanced DMS widget to support additional special characters within files and folders.
  • Page widget – corrected page rendering issue in sub-sites.
  • DashboardContainerDragDropWidget – added integration point to allow for save widget call back feature.
  • GenericItemWidget – addressed “isroot” property not working correctly.
  • Added “UseEncryption” setting in DigispaceConfigurationIDS_AK.
  • Corrected issue with Akumina tray not loading properly with EnableAzureAD set to false.
  • Performance update – Resolved issue within workspaces where the group to page map was fetched in large query rather than incrementally.
  • Added base64 conversion support on email addresses passed in query string.

AppManager Functionality

  • web.config updates are required for this release.
  • Added RSS endpoint in API connector to support RSSWidget.
  • Management Apps – Forms Manager – corrected Z index field display which prevented proper editing of forms.
  • Updated endpoints to support base64 conversion of parameters.
  • Added additional XSS sanitization for input fields across the application.
  • Fixed date time conversion issues related to daylight savings time.
  • Office PNP Version Upgraded to 3.6.1902.
  • Numerous fixes related to “Service Hub” and “Headless” experiences.

Release date: 1/1/19

AppManager Product Version:  4.1.1901.0108

Akumina Framework Version: 4.1.1901.0108

Foundation Site Version:  4.1.1901.0111

PeopleSync V2: 4.1.2018.1205

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Added support for upgrading from existing 4.0 version to 4.1 version
  • Multilingual – QuickLinks and Slider Apps – fixed caching issue with new language version not displaying content when created
  • Restored Tooltip on Content App Fields missing in initial 4.1 release
  • View page – if a visitor has only VIEW permissions then hide the Edit button
  • Slider App – corrected an issue where infinite spinner displayed when approval settings enabled
  • View Manager now displays views within sub-folders

AppManager Functionality

  • IE11 Dashboard My Apps Widget – fixed issue with app list not refreshing when selecting a different site
  • Workspace – Create Task – fixed issue with Task Description not being SAVED when created in Bucket view
  • Added Akumina Version to front end debugger
  • Workspaces Tasks Widget: Made due date optional instead of required
  • Workspaces Tasks Widget: Addressed issues with dates due to cross browser timezone detection
  • Workspaces – corrected issue where an uploaded photo from a mobile device was being rotated 90 degrees
  • Workspaces – Document Detail page – corrected issue where changes where not being displayed immediately after checkin
  • Corrected process to not copy the workflow stage status when creating a multilingual language version of an item
  • DMS widget updates
    • Major performance updates, added lazy loading to FolderTree and Grid components to support thousands of documents
    • Removed DMS Spinner at global page popup level – displays only within the grid / folder /refiner
    • DMS Control – Added ability to Sync Folder / Library for Offline Use
    • Added support of DMS control in workspace context
    • Address numerous issues related to special characters within folder or file names
    • Removed DMS refiner component – use DocumentViewer if this is a requirement
  • Corrected multiple mobile / Android S7 issues
    • Dashboard My Team widget bottom person was cut off
    • Search icons positioning
    • Left rail was cut off in landscape mode
    • Directory page – Filters not working

Release date: 9/19/18

AppManager Product Version:  4.1.1809.1925

Akumina Framework Version: 4.1.1809.1923

Foundation Site Version:  4.1.1809.1916

PeopleSync V2: 4.1.1809.1900

BackgroundProcessor: 4.1.1809.1925


Note: This release is for new O365 installations only.

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Introduced the Akumina Widget Builder, which provides developers with a development tooling/process (inside Visual Studio Code using Node.js) and automated packaging tools that ensure widgets are built with the new Akumina Widget structure so they can fully integrate with the Akumina tool set. (The “akumina-widget-builder” package can be found on
  • All Akumina Widgets built with the new enhanced Widget Model and packaged for portability
  • Akumina Foundation Site now deployed with new enhanced widgets
  • All new “Add Page” functionality which allows authorized users to create a new page and add widgets to that page all from the front end site with no need to access SharePoint.
  • Added Content Quick Edit – quickly jump right from a front-end content item to its Edit screen in AppManager
  • Akumina Tray Widget (spinner) now supports permissioning of each tray item to control access to the tray functions (and the tray itself)
  • Document Viewer is now the default document management solution deployed in the Foundation Site (replaces DMS)
  • Reorganized and simplified the Widget Properties Panel for better usability – this includes quick preview of view selections
  • Added the “digitalWorkplace.env.js” file, which is where the InterchangeURL and the InterchangeQueryKey are now stored. They will no longer be stored in the digitalWorkplace.custom.js. The site creator will use the same logic on this file for replacing the “tokens” based on the inputs from site creator. This way, the digitalWorkplace.custom.js can be deployed for testing and final production without worrying about cleaning out the environment variables.
  • Performance enhancements on the core page lifecycle steps to take advantage of the $batching API
  • Added “Performance” tab to the debug screen which displays execution times for all of the steps in the page lifecycle to help with performance optimization
  • Added more support for offloading SharePoint queries to Akumina web APIs to reduce load on O365


AppManager Functionality

  • All new AppManager user interface, focused on significantly improving the user experience in both look and feel, and most importantly in usability and productivity.
  • Enhanced the Akumina Widget Model and Widget Manager to support Auto Provisioning Widgets – which automates the creation of the supporting list assigning of content types and term sets when creating a new widget instance
  • All Akumina Widgets added to the Widget Store (50+ widgets) for easy addition to any project
  • Widget Store enhanced with one-step “Upgrade” function to get the latest changes to any existing widgets – this allows for quick upgrades or patches of widgets without having to update the core framework
  • Added ability to set permissions on a content item in Author Type apps
  • Added instance count to Widget Manager for each definition (on View Instances button)


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