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Release 4.5

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Version 4.5 Releases

Release date: 12/30/19

AppManager Product Version: 4.5.1909.1336

Akumina Framework Version: 4.5.1909.1331

Akumina Framework Functionality

  • Added commenting support for GenericItemWidget
  • Corrected document viewer to allow metadata tagging on content upload
  • Corrected quick content edit for widgets on master page
  • Added better support for large attachments within form widget
  • Fixed the margin between widgets when tray widget is not viewable
  • Fixed navigation subcategory view on mobile
  • Fixed an error message in search refiner popup results when valid results are displayed
  • Fixed the dropdown menu for view profile and sign out
  • Fixed Latest Media Widget to allow for configuration of selectfields property
  • Corrected Quicklinkswidget to allow for publishing category names with quotes
  • Added a property default “defaultitemopensetting” to enable loading of document tree in documentviewertreewidget for On-Premise
  • Added HTMLContentWidget stability improvements
  • Added title property to FAQ widget

AppManager Functionality

  • Corrected SubsiteisRoot to IsSubsitePageDeliveryMode to handle multiple subsites on modern platform
  • Fixed content app filtering functionality to support more than 5000 content items in multi-lingual mode
  • Corrected auto-translation within body of content in multi-lingual to support rich text fields
  • Fixed Enterprise keyword tagging to allow IsAvailableForTagging to be editable within the metadata selector field type
  • Fixed link display in appmanager when adding a new category in Quicklinks
  • Corrected FriendlyURLSearch in multi-lingual
  • Addressed issue with EmployeeDetail page not functioning properly when using AzureSearch
  • Added support for SSL SMTP connections for o365 configuration
  • On-Premise:
    • Provide support for People Sync with Sharepoint user data
    • Provide support for Persona On-Premise
    • Corrected forms manager subsite navigation when reference list name is missing in forms_ak list

Release date: 10/21/19

AppManager Product Version: 4.5.1909.1328

Akumina Framework Version: 4.5.1909.1322

Akumina Framework Functionality

  • Added stability updates to Experience Builder to create more reliable page widget rendering
  • Added support for Central Site collection mode and Page Delivery mode with Experience Builder – this allows for different page list configurations and storage per site collection
  • Fixed tray widget callback functionality
  • Corrected propcallbackmethod property to allow for a property bag callback (before render) for quicklinkswidget and genericitemwidget
  • Corrected the widget manager to enable editing listname properties with a type of “string”
  • Corrected the widget manager to allow for updates of multiple list selector properties in the same widget
  • Updated SharePoint On-Premise stability

AppManager Functionality

  • Fixed content app intermittent loading issue when changing sites
  • Added multilingual support for languages with special characters, i.e. Norwegian (Bokmâl)
  • Corrected the quicklinkswidget instance selected view for department site
  • Corrected missing page issue when creating a department subsite of a subsite
  • Content Authoring:
    • Corrected an invalid registration expression in security.js extension
    • Corrected security registration expression to handle newline in script tags
  • Corrected Content Distribution to support push and pull for subsites
  • Fixed Content Distribution to work for single valued person type columns
  • Corrected preview content during import process for Content Distribution
  • Updated SharePoint On-Premise stability

Release date: 9/13/19

AppManager Product Version: 4.5.1909.1320

Akumina Framework Version: 4.5.1909.1320

Akumina Framework Functionality

  • Anchor Items:
    • Added a new Curated Widget for the content author to display a curated list of items (news, events, people, etc.) to drive home site or sub-site page experience pulling curated items from multiple sites/lists to present one targeted list
    • Enhanced Search Experience to create a more robust search feature with the ability to work with headless and modern platforms
    • Updated the front-end Framework to run in a headless environment to work with experience builder, persona builder and impersonation engine creating faster performance and increased configurability
  • Enhanced Single Page Application functionality to dynamically load and change page URL to create a page performance advantage and presents a single pane of glass to the user
  • Enhanced HTML Content Widget to display user preference for multilingual enabled users; provide ability to insert images from image gallery and link to other pages
  • Several performance enhancements included to improve overall performance

AppManager Functionality

  • Anchor Items:
    • All new Curated Content App Type provides the ability to create a new curated list of items to establish a definitive sortable list from multiple SharePoint lists and multiple SharePoint sites
    • Added Content App Field Order Display to provide an authorized user the ability to reorder the display of content app fields to list the most important fields at the top to improve the content authoring experience
    • Phasing out of Interchange settings config to use a business friendly UI within the settings area – to allow an IT admin to easily see the configured settings.
  • Added ability for content authors to create new sub term for taxonomy categories within metadata field types
  • Corrected Metadata Taxonomy Label textbox display when multilingual enabled
  • Azure Traffic Manager Real user measurement thru settings
    • MIME Check
    • Simultaneous login controls
    • Third party Java script updates
  • Translation API updated to use version 3 of Microsoft Cognitive service

Akumina Foundation Two Site Functionality

  • Enhanced Profile Page to add additional user information and provide standard look and feel modals
  • Enhanced News Experience allowing users to like and share articles, and provide additional commenting features
  • Enhanced My News functionality to provide search results across all 4 news lists (blogs, breaking news, foundations news, special announcements) utilizing NewsCardsWidget
  • Enhanced Directory Page to provide additional contact details, enhance profile detailed page and provide a consistent front-end user experience
  • Enhanced Department/Sub site page to provide a consistent front-end user experience; providing standard look and feel modals
  • Enhanced Mobile View to improve mobile display presentation of content
  • Enhanced Workspaces to provide a consistent front-end user experience; providing standard look and feel modals


  • Ability to store all sensitive keys in KeyVault URL as one JSON file

Developer Functionality

Release date: 7/3/19

AppManager Product Version: 4.5.1907.0366

Akumina Framework Version: 4.5.1907.0344

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Anchor Items:
    • Included upgrade compatibility support for customers converting from 4.1 to access the latest 4.5 features.
    • All new Widget Instance Creation allows an authorized user to add new widget instances to the Experience Builder page during page creation (auto list provisioning coming soon).
    • Added a new widget HTMLContentWidget to provide inline editing of existing or newly created content within the Experience Builder.
  • Enhanced the main menu directory functionality to enable keyword search of the entire user directory in addition to name search capabilities.
  • Enhanced Virtual Page load time significantly.
  • Added iFrame Buster to Page Lifecycle to remove iFrames from o365 page loads which would intermittently cause IE to crash.
  • Corrected global search to search entire site directory and activate search after hitting enter key.
  • Corrected multilingual fallback language for widgets when no content is available in the appropriate language.
  • Enhanced mobile support of OOTB widgets.
  • Several performance enhancements included to improve overall performance.
  • Enhanced debug panel information to display cache counts, persona properties, performance updates, and widget instance displays.
    • “Widgets on page” has been cleaned up and introduced a widget search.

AppManager Functionality

  • Anchor Items:
    • Added Content Distribution to enable push/pull technology to seamlessly distribute content across multiple sites for authoring and publishing of content.
    • Added cache management screen to configure cache intervals on certain objects (more configuration coming soon).
  • Added ability to access user fields and values from other third-party data sources; in addition to Azure directory.
  • Added friendly labels within the persona edit schema screen to allow business users to customize field labels.
  • Added better usability around advanced search capability of Content App listing screen with lists having more than 5000 items.
  • Introduced language label support for taxonomy selector.
  • Corrected download widget instance on subsite for a selected instance.
  • Added multilingual metadata taxonomy label support to display appropriate language labels.
  • Corrected Content App settings permissions to distinguish member and owner groups permissions when members part of owner group.
  • Widget packaging system supports 4.1 widget packages.

Developer Functionality

  • Added new Yeoman generator – “yo akumina.”
  • Lots of nice bells and whistles added for developers.
  • Launched for developers (more documentation and videos coming weekly).

Release date: 5/7/19

AppManager Product Version: 4.5.1905.0795

Akumina Framework Version: 4.5.1905.0796

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Enhanced the frontend management UI to provide a consistent front-end user experienceproviding standard look and feel modals, consistent displays, branding and debugging tooling.
  • Revamped the Akumina Tray widget from a spinner on the left side to a more modern experience on the bottom of the screen, and added tray functionality:
    • Added a new icon for the Impersonation Engine for an authorized user to act as an Incognito user.
    • Added a new icon to search for existing pages to easily locate and edit pages.
    • Updated existing icons with robust functionality and color coding when selected.
  • EnhancedPage Builder functionalityto create Experience Builder, the nextgenerationtechnologyExperience Builder allows for maximum flexibility to define pages, page layouts and page types based on desired user experience.
    • Added a new Virtual Experience Canvas (VXC) component within Experience Builder for ease of use in creating customized page layouts and re-useable page designs.
      • Added a Zone Edit Mode feature to allow for widget customization of the row and column cells within a page layout.
      • Added an Exchange Edit Mode feature to allow widgets to be easily moved or re-ordered between cells.
      • Added a Container Edit Mode feature to restrict cells to specified widget instances within a page layout.
      • Added a Zone Restriction ability for saving and reusing page layouts.
      • Added Clone page ability to easily and quickly create new page layouts.
  • Added two new VXC page editing tray widgets; a bottom tray and a right panel tray:
    • The VXC bottom tray provides unlimited flexibility to modify and edit the page layout by specific cells.
    • The VXC right panel tray enables page edit mode to allow for the new page to be added to a menu, save the page layout, save page for future editing, and publish the page.
  • All new Impersonation Engine functionality allows an authorized user to preview the content through the lens of another user (persona); navigate the entire site based on the personato ensure their content is being personalized properly and the right personas are consuming their content. It can also be used to troubleshoot content issues and make adjustments as needed without involving additional resources
  • Added ability to reuse widgets on multiple pages by providing page specific property bag functionality for widgets.Allowingthe same widget instance to be used across multiple pages with different properties without the need to create a new instance.
  • Added new alert dialog box to track inactivity and assist users in maintaining active sessions in the case they may get signed out due to inactivity.
  • Several performance enhancements included to improve overall performance.
  • Enhanced debug panel information to display cache counts, persona properties, performance updates, and widget instance displays.

AppManager Functionality

  • All new Persona Builder Management App provides ability to personalize content to targeted employees. Allows content authors to customize the messaging content based on the persona; providing a filtering ability to create a relationship between content and employee user attributes.
    • Added a new friendly UI for business users to create new personas based on user fields and values selected from a subset of Azure directory or other available third party directories.
    • Persona Builder dynamically creates a highly targeted and personalized user experience based on real-time user attributes; without requiring development resources.
  • Added persona tagging ability on Author and Quicklinks App types for quick tagging of content and menu items to a certain persona.
  • Added ability in Content Apps to enable and require personas.
  • Added a new widget PageListWidget to provide a list of pages based on persona/metadata filtering.

PeopleSync Functionality

  • Enhanced Persona Support functionality to provide faster data retrieval.
    • Added schema extraction capability for query fields.
    • Added Query Execution functionality to populate user persona.
  • Added ability to synchronize data from any enterprise provider.
  • Added ability to synchronizedata from multiple data sources into a single gold source for Azure Search Service.
  • Added new capabilities to enable OOTB functionality for API and tokencalls for Okta.
  • Added user/group faceting support to provide the ability to merge values from group to user groups within Azure search service.
  • Added new live Azure Search Index update capabilities during data extraction.
  • Several command file enhancements included; sync, add/delete search Index, and cleaning stale objects; to improve overall performance.

Developer Functionality

  • Lots of nice bells and whistles added for developers.

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