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Search Experience 2.0

Search Experience 2.0 enables a more robust search engine with expanded capabilities for search actions and ranking, and improving the user experience with customizable search refiners. Search Experience 2.0 provides new features and function on the search bar on the top of each page and incorporates advanced search capabilities on the search results page.

Search Bar

The Search Bar features include type ahead search functionality, intelligent search suggestions, search result counts, and vertical tabs for selection/refinement.

Search Bar – Type Ahead Search


The Type Ahead Search will be triggered on the third character of input entered in the Site Search box. The Type Ahead Search provides search suggestions and search results for the entire site for relevant documents, pages, and people in displayed .

Clicking on a different vertical tab will refine the search results specifically for Documents, Pages, or People, and display up to the top ten search results found in each tab drop down.  When there are more than ten search results available, the total count of all results will display in a clickable message at the bottom of the page.

Clicking on the search results message at the bottom of the page; or clicking enter after the search term is entered in the search bar, will navigate the user to the full search results page.

Search Suggestions

The Search Suggestions tab uses the Microsoft SharePoint Search Suggestions API to provide suggestions data for the keyword search.

Search suggestions can be configured in the SharePoint admin center. For additional information on managing query suggestions

Search Pages, Documents, People Results

The Type Ahead Search provides search results in vertical tabs for Pages, Documents, and People with a clickable search results message at the bottom of each tab.

The search results will highlight the keyword search term in the description field for Pages and Documents.

Clicking on a different vertical tab will refine the search results specifically for the selected tab. Clicking on a search result will navigate the user to the appropriate item. Clicking on Documents will open in a new tab, clicking on Pages or People will open in the same tab.

For Akumina taxonomy driven pages like news, blogs, announcements, etc. in search 5.5 we query the source list directly, for virtual pages we use the PageData_AK list as the indexer.

No Results Found

When a search item is not found using the search bar, a no results returned message will appear including the search term entered.

Search Results Page

The Search Results Page includes advanced search features to provide the ability to search for relevant documents, pages, or people; search for promoted results; search using metadata tags; search across sites or within a specific department site; provides additional sort by options, call-to-action buttons, and additional configurable refiners on the search results page.

Search Filters/Refiners

The Search Results Page initially displays with the site results based on the search selection from the search bar. The search term will be highlighted for each search results item.

The Search Results Page provides default filters on the left column of the page to provide results from this site or across sites for documents, pages, and people. Additional refiners can also be selected from the left column.  The Search filter and refiner tags are displayed at the top of the page with the total count of the returned search results.

Note: Search Filters/Refiners are configurable in the widget instance. See Configuring Search Results section for additional details for widget properties.

The search results can be sorted alphabetically in ascending or descending order by clicking on the A-Z arrow in the top right corner of the page. The Sort By drop down allows the results to be sorted by the facet categories on the page.  Documents and Pages can be sorted Created By, File Type, Last Modified By, Modified Date, and Relevance.  People can be sorted by Department, First Name or Last Name. The default for Sort By is always by Relevance.

Additional Filters are displayed on the left column of the page based on the search results data. Additional Filters can be selected to further refine the search results. Documents and Pages search results can be filtered by Created By, File Type, Last Modified By, Sites, and Last Modified Date. People search results can be filtered by Department, Office Location and Job Description. Search filters can be collapsed or expanded for ease of viewing and allow for further refinement of a specific selection within the filter. For example, a specific author can be selected in the created by category, which will filter the search results based on that specific author.

To further refine your search results with additional filters, click on the filter to be selected and click “Apply Filters”. The search refiner tags selected are displayed at the top of the page with the count of the returned search results.

To clear all the additional search filters selected, click on “Clear Filters”; or click on the individual filter you want to remove from the search refiner and click on “Apply Filters”.

The Search Results Page includes two action buttons on the bottom of the page, when applicable. A “Top” button will return the focus to the top of the search page. A “Load More” button will load additional search results.

Promoted Results

The Search Results Page can be configured display promoted results, which will be tagged as Promoted and appear at the top of the search results.

For Promoted results to display, they must be configured at the tenant/site collection/site level ( see documentation to create promoted results in SharePoint –, and the Fetch Promoted Results property must be enabled in the widget instance.

Search Results Page View

The Search Results Page uses the GenericSearchListWidget to display the view of the page. For additional information, click here to learn more about GenericSearchListWidget.

There are two view options for the display of the search results page, Search Result Compact view and Search Result Advanced view. Published pages and archived pages will appear on the search results page, however, only published pages will have call to action buttons and a clickable link.

The content type will determine the metadata and call-to-action buttons that display on the card.

Search Result Advanced View

The Search Result Advanced view provides the search results with all the call-to-action buttons visible on each search results card.

Below is an example of the Search Results Page using the Search Result Advanced view with the different search cards displayed with the applicable call-to-action buttons clickable on each card based on the search results content type (news, events, etc.)


Search Result Compact View

The Search Result Compact view provides the search results with call-to-action buttons by clicking on the ellipse.

The Search Result Compact view will display the metadata for the search results with the call-to-action buttons shown after clicking on the ellipse for each item.

The Pages card displays the page title, page description, and site title.

The Document card displays the document name and a preview of the content.

The People card displays the employee detailed information with integrated call to action buttons based on the available data in the search results. Click on a phone number to open the available calling app. Click on an email address to open the available email app. Click on a user profile name to open the persons “Profile Summary Card”. Enter a search term and hit the enter key will navigate the user to the search results page.

The Calendar Event card displays the event title, event start time, event type (recurring, etc.), and tags if applicable.

No Results Found

When a search item is not found on the search results page, a message will appear with the search term entered and a message stating no results found, try searching again with provided search tips.

Department Site Search

The Department Site Search will have the same features as the main site search with some capabilities specific to the Department Site.

The Department Site Search bar will display the message “Search the department (with the specified site name)”. In the example below, it displays “Search the department IT”.

Department Search Page results will display the results from across the site with the current department site results prioritized or “boosted” to appear first in the search results. The prioritized/boosted properties can be configured in the widget property, using the xrank widget property, to determine if the Department Search results is for this site only, across site or across site with current site boosted, which is the default.

Search results are prioritized/boosted by site url. If a subsite has children subsites, they will also be prioritized in the results as they contain the same parent subsite url. For example, if the IT department site has two subsites, IT and ITtech, results from both sites will be prioritized on the IT department search.

The search results page will display a message of the sites included in the search results.

Search Manager Management App

Search Manager Management App provides the ability to establish search configurations for the Search Experience. The Search Manager management app configures the site specific and global search properties to be used by the GenericSearchListWidget to render search results. Click here for details on Working with Search Manager Manager App.

Search Configuration and Debug Panel Support

Search Experience 2.0 provides the ability to customize the search results configuration and enables support capabilities in the debug panel for search queries. For additional details, please reference Search Configuration and Debug Panel Support.


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