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Using the “Delete” Functionality in Content Apps

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When the “Delete” function is enabled for a Content App (using the Content App Settings), it allows the content editor to permanently delete an item in the app.  The Delete function is available in the Author and Slider App types (the Quicklinks App Type inherently has the ability to delete Category and Link items from the tree).  Each app has a slightly different use model for the delete function as covered in the sections below.  In all cases, when using the delete function, the removal of the content item is immediate and permanent, so a confirmation dialog is always displayed giving the user a chance to back out of the delete.


Note: When deleted, the item is moved into the SharePoint recycle bin, so can be recovered by a SharePoint admin if necessary.

Using Delete in the Author App Type

In the Author App type, the delete function will delete the current content app item.  For example, if the user is in an Important Dates content item, clicks on the “Delete” button and confirms the delete, that content item will be permanently deleted and the user will be returned to the content item list for the app.


Using Delete in the Slider App Type

In the Slider App type, the delete button appears on each of the individual slider items in the app.  This provides the ability to delete certain items while leaving others.   It is important to note that the delete on an individual slider item happens immediately after confirmation.  There is no need to Save or Publish, but it is also NOT possible to Cancel out and have the delete reversed.

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