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Voice Create New Module

The Voice Create New Module provides the ability to create new content for the site, as pages or components. The create new module links to the pages module and structured content module based on the content being created.

All features within the Create New module are permission based on the users access to Pages and/or Structured Content Modules. Only users with access to Pages will see the option to create a new page.

New Page Content

New page content can be created for pages from a template or a blank page.

Create a Page from a Template

There are two types of page templates:

Structured content templates are fixed pages with pre-set input fields for content. This page layout cannot be modified outside of the rich text fields and images.

Freeform templates are made up of content blocks and widgets which uses a pre-built saved layout. This page layout and content can be customized in edit mode.

Structured Content

Structured content pages are created using predefined layouts for news articles and events. The page layout is displayed in the top right corner.

Select the type of structured content and click next. This will navigate you to the structured content module to modify the rich text fields and images.

Freeform Content

Freeform pages are created using saved layouts.

Select the saved layout and click next. This will navigate you to the page editing features to complete building out your page experience with editing the page layout and content.

Create a Blank Page

Selecting create a blank page will create a virtual page for the site which can be defined based on the layout selected.


  1. Add a page name and page description (optional)
  2. Select a page folder from the drop down of available page folders.  New pages will default to unassigned folder.
  3. Select a page layout (using a premade layout or saved layout options)
  4. Click on next and displays a new blank page
  5. The virtual page is created with the title given and is saved in draft mode. The blank page is displayed with available rows/columns and widget for further page editing features.



New Component

New component defines general pieces of content used in widgets on the site.

Select the type of component. This will navigate you to the Structured Content Module to create your new component content.

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