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Is your modern intranet / digital workplace secure?

Is your intranet / digital workplace secure?

Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform can help CIOs and their organizations meet internal and industry security requirements.

For CIOs, protecting company data – which includes customer, employee and other information – is of the utmost importance. This is a topic that can keep them up VERY late at night. When it comes to modern intranets and digital workplaces, achieving full data security is no simple task. dove into the topic with their article, 10 Ways To Protect Intranet Data. In the piece, it highlighted some helpful tips to ensure your intranet is safe. One of the main points focused on controlling access of who can see what, what information is shared, and where it is shared.

But, how can an IT team manage this and do it effectively?

Well, with a modern intranet solution like Akumina, creating personas is a start. What is a persona and how does it relate to a modern intranet? A persona within Akumina is a set of criteria that allows an admin to determine what groups employees will be placed in. Criteria can include almost anything, such as department, seniority, location, etc. Those groups can be assigned to see specific information and be restricted from seeing other information.

This is very helpful when you have temporary, contract, partner, and any other type of individual/group that you want to limit the access of information to. More importantly, it allows your team to know who can see what, and not leave it up to guessing.

Does that mean we need to secure and maintain another system?

A concern that should arise with your team is having your data stored and maintained within another system. Akumina offers a solution for users. It doesn’t store or maintain your data. It simply pulls what is needed from your already secured back-end infrastructure, where it is already maintained and protected.

For more information on Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform and how it can help your organization meet internal and industry security requirements, request more information here.