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See your employees’ experiences through their eyes

Introducing Akumina 4.5 - Impersonation Engine

With its new Impersonation Engine, the Akumina Employee Experience Platform helps enterprises target, tailor, and test digital workplace experiences.

Akumina 4.5 lets you test, target, and tailor
personalized digital workplace experiences

How do you know your personalized digital experiences work?

From a customer experience standpoint, companies know what you clicked or searched (and where), what they sent/showed you as a result, what you liked or shared, what you researched a little bit more, what ultimately got you through the door, and then what you bought (or didn’t).

Good enough, right?

Most digital experiences work like that now – very transactional and so much data to work with.

So, when we think about employee experiences, how much of this do we actually do? Is there enough “transactional” data to measure if the right message got through, the right collaboration happened, the right goals were met, or the right pieces to the project management puzzle were handled by the right people in the right place at the right time?

Did I just give you managerial nightmares for a week?

Well, I came with an answer. With the Impersonation Engine – introduced in the 4.5 release of the Akumina Employee Experience Platform – seeing is believing for personalization. You actually get to play the role of an employee in a specific job and location to see how the personalization is working, see where improvements must be made, see what makes no sense from a visual or tactical standpoint, and walk a mile in your employees’ shoes.

It’s my belief that if you could truly see things through your employees’ eyes, you’d do things differently (and way better).

And if you treated employees like customers a little more, you’d have a more engaged and productive workforce, better products and services, and more satisfied customers. Voila!

OK, to get started with the Impersonation Engine and Akumina 4.5, here are a couple of resources:

The Akumina EXP also features Persona Builder to identify each user for personalization, Experience Builder to build customized experiences, and Headless 2.0 for more support of “headless” or decoupled development.

Still need more?

Want a demo of all the new bells and whistles in the Akumina EXP? Sign up for a demo here.

In the meantime, check out this webinar for a look at Akumina’s 4.5 release.

Dave Pierce
Dave Pierce
Dave Pierce manages the Akumina Community website, where he writes content, interacts with Akumina users, and shares success stories and how-to materials. He came to Akumina from Acquia, an open-source digital experience company. He brings 20-plus years of award-winning journalism experience, most notably at The Boston Globe. Dave lives in Nashua, New Hampshire, with his wife, Dana, two teenage daughters, his sweet cat Leia, and another cat who is his sworn enemy.