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Akumina Community Spotlight: Boston Red Sox

Building their Home Plate digital workplace and employee hub with Akumina helped the Boston Red Sox become champions of productivity and communication.

Using Akumina’s Persona Builder

Released in Akumina 4.5, Persona Builder helps site builders identify employees and target digital workplace experiences specifically to them.

Integrating Microsoft Flow with Akumina’s Forms Manager

Akumina provides native capabilities around forms, polls, and surveys through a provided back-end app called Forms Manager. In this video, Dan O’Neil will showcase how the native forms engine can be integrated into an automated email distribution process through Microsoft Flow.

Configure content notifications through Microsoft Flow

For certain content types, organizations will want to alert employees of new or updated content. One alert type might be email notification. In this video, Akumina will detail how Microsoft Flow can be leveraged as part of the content authoring process to provide those types of configurable notifications.

Intro to widget creation with Widget Builder

This segment will focus on how to use Akumina’s provided Widget Builder to accelerate the development of a simple widget.

Introduction to widget management

Here we will discuss how Akumina provides interfaces to allow for quick widget changes to be made directly from the front-end experience.