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Here you will find information for using the Akumina widgets, including what they do, how to add them to your site, and how to configure them.


Akumina Widgets Reference Guide
Akumina Widgets Overview


Release notes
5.5 user guide


Akumina Widget Builder
Akumina Widget Builder - skipping instances in package generation
Akumina Widget Builder - token replacement for widget properties
Widget Manager: Overview
Widget Manager: Retrieving View Icons
Widget Manager: Adding an Existing Widget to a Page
Widget Manager: Creating a Custom View for an Existing Widget
Building a Customdataload Callback: Accessing a List
Building A Customdataload Callback: Accessing a List from a Different Site
Building A Customdataload Callback: Hello World
Building a Customdataload Callback: Overview
Building A Customdataload Callback: Third Party Data
Changing the Loading View of a Widget
Multilingual widget instances
Search: Displaying search results with the GenericSearchList widget
Upgrading Widget Snippets: Overview
Upgrading Widget Snippets: Updating a Custom Built Widget Snippet
Upgrading Widget Snippets: Updating an OOB Widget Snippet
View Creation: Handlebars
View Manager: Creating a Custom View
Widget Development Process: Widget Decision Tree
Widget Development Process: Widget Design Use Cases


Building a custom widget overview
Building a custom widget: Hello World Widget
Building a custom widget that accesses SharePoint lists
Building a generic list control widget
Custom Widget: SP sites list
Building A Custom Widget: Angular Stock Ticker Widget
Building A Custom Widget: Flickr Image Library
Building A Custom Widget: Stock Ticker Widget
Building A Custom Widget: Yammer Widget