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A “headless” development approach allows developers to use the presentation framework in Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform and develop outside of Microsoft SharePoint’s runtime for faster innovation and customization.

Headless (or decoupled) development means separating where content is stored and edited from where it is delivered. Akumina’s front-end technology is able to run within and outside of SharePoint. By delivering digital employee experiences in Microsoft Azure, enterprises have more control over the back-end architecture and scaling, leading to better performance and security. And Akumina’s EXP delivers a flexible, unrestricted path to faster development and integration.


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April 8, 2019
Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform has 4 new features for experience building and personalization

Creating personalized employee experiences just got way better

With its 4.5 release, Akumina’s Employee Experience Platform has four powerful new features for experience building and personalization.
August 18, 2017
Beheading SharePoint (and Office 365) - the hype around 'headless'

Beheading SharePoint (and Office 365) – the hype around ‘headless’

Akumina has become the experts on delivering both “deaded” and “headless” digital experiences on top of Office 365 and SharePoint.