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The Akumina Employee Experience Platform fully supports using either Modern SharePoint or Classic SharePoint runtime environments (or using both side by side). Although the SharePoint approach is page-centric, the Akumina EXP can break things down into reusable, personalized elements to build engaging experiences while managing content and resources across multiple sites.

Akumina’s EXP enables customers to choose the appropriate runtime – Modern SharePoint, Classic SharePoint, or headless – to fit the objectives they have for their employee experience. Think of Modern SharePoint or Classic SharePoint as canvases to build on.


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April 4, 2018
Akumina views – making SharePoint UI design easy and consistent

Akumina views – making SharePoint UI design easy and consistent

With the Akumina platform, organizations bring creative designs to life, crafting compelling user experiences that employees can take advantage of.
March 23, 2018
Akumina and Flow: the PB&J of intranets

Akumina and Flow: the PB&J of intranets

Akumina is a cloud-based employee experience platform that allows employees to create content that can be fed right into Microsoft Flow.