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Adding the AppManager App to the SharePoint App Catalog

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On Your SharePoint Server open a browser and enter the app catalog URL (value saved in note file). If you do not know what your App Catalog URL is then click HERE and follow the steps to find the URL). In this example the URL looks like this:


However, this SharePoint site is configured to use https so I must substitute the http for https.

Enter  https:*/sites/apps into a Browser – login as the SharePoint Administrator.

On the left Column Navigation, click “Apps for SharePoint”.

Click on “+new app” to upload the app package “” provided to you by Akumina.

Click on the “Browser…” button navigate to c:\Akumina\

Click the Open Button.

The choose file input field will fill in with C:\Akumina\

Click on OK.

The properties form will appear with a message indicating that the document was successfully uploaded.

Click on SAVE.

The Apps for SharePoint Page will display with the newly added app “Akumina AppManager” displaying.

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