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Working with HTML Content Widget

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The HTML Content Widget provides inline editing capabilities from the front-end site for a content author to quickly and easily edit existing or newly created content within the Experience Builder.

To use the HTML Content Widget, the user must be in page edit mode. Click on the edit page content button.

When a new HTML Content Widget instance is added to a page, it will display “Content not configured” in the cell.

Clicking in the cell will invoke the editor to appear as shown below:

The user can start adding new content by typing within the highlighted blue lines.

  A warning message will appear below the content, until the content has been saved.

Clicking save, will invoke a popup modal, to save the content with a title.  The saved content can be used to add to another page at a later time.



At this point, you can utilize any of the editor features for inline editing.

Edit existing content or create new content

Insert saved content

A popup modal will display a dropdown list of available content to select

Add links to images and other pages


Insert images from image gallery

Click save before exiting page edit mode

With version 5.0, a new “Save Content As” feature has been added to the HTML Content Widget.

A popup modal will display a dropdown list of available content to choose existing content, or type in a new title to make a copy of the content.

Widgets can be defined as page specific instances or global instances, please reference here to learn more about the widget properties and when to use them. Please note the global instances do not get cleared out as they are global across pages.


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