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Preparing the SharePoint Site

Creating an App Identifier for AppManager

A Client Identity and Client Secret must be created for the new incoming APP – AppManager.  AppRegNew.aspx will be used to generate those items.

  • Login as Administrator onto your SharePoint Admin Center.
  • Click On apps in left column.
  • Click on App Catalog.
  • Navigate to http://<SharePointAppCatalogURL>/_layouts/15/AppRegNew.aspx.
  • The App Information page will be displayed, where input field to create the Client Identity will be displayed:Preparing the SharePoint Site

Set the following fields:

  • Client Id: – Click the Generate button and SharePoint will generate the Client ID.
  • Client Secret– Click the Generate button and SharePoint will generate the Client Secret.
Important Note: Client Secrets for SharePoint Add-ins that are registered using the AppRegNew.aspx page expire after one year.  It is a good idea to note the date on which you are creating the app so that you can regenerate the key before it expires. It is also recommended to include the expiration date in the “Title” of the app (see next section). See the following Microsoft article explaining the process to replace an expiring key.

In the example below the redirect for the appmanager website is:  The domain is the redirect without the https example:

  • TITLE – Is usually the domain of your AppManager plus a client secret expiration date (one year from the generation of this secret, which is what we are doing right now). The “TITLE” is the app title seen in “Site Settings” > “Site app permissions”. Example:
  • App Domain – Domain example:
  • Redirect URI – The endpoint in your remote application “AppManager” (website).  This must be of the form https://DomainName. Example:

Preparing the SharePoint Site2

Click the “Create” Button

  • Verify that the Identifier was generated successfully.
BEFORE selecting “OK” button, copy “The app identifier has been successfully created” message (see RED box below) to a note file.  WARNING it is the only time you will see these values and they are required for the website.
  • Click on OK button

Preparing the SharePoint Site3

Acquiring the AppManager App Package

Contact Akumina at or call 603-943-7109 to acquire the AppManager App Package.

When the app package has been received, create a folder on your local machine called C:\Akumina.  Copy the provided package to C:\Akumina.

Setting up the AppManager Website

This document assumes that your cloud hosting administrator has created your website for AppManager to be installed on.  In the example below we have verified that has been created and that we have FTP access to the site, required for installing AppManager.

Setting Your SharePoint URL, Client ID and Client Secret

  • On your local machine navigate to C:\Akumina, where you previously copied the App Package provided by Akumina.
  • You should see the following zips, installer (msi) and app files:

Note:  Version numbers before each *.* name will be different as this data will be based upon when your package was generated


Extracting the Cloud Base AppManager Solution

  • Right click on “*” file and from the dropdown menu select Expand
  • The Extract Compressed (Zipped) Folders popup will appear
SAVE to Notepad – The location (e.g. C:\Akumina\03_18_2015_04_17_InterChange) where the AppManager Cloud solution will be stored

Click on Extract

You will see the AppManager Installation files and folders

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