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Log in to AppManager

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After AppManager is successfully installed, there are two ways for users to log in:

Logging in from the front-end site once deployed (preferred)

This is the most common way for users to access the AppManager once all of the setup is complete and the front-end site exists. The “My Apps” left rail item as well as the “Akumina Tray Widget” can be used to access AppManager.

My Apps Left Rail Item

Akumina Tray Icon (version 4.5)

Akumina Tray Icon (version 4.1 and prior)

Logging in from the SharePoint Site Contents

Typically this is only used by Administrators prior to the front-end site being deployed. Access the SharePoint site contents and click on the AppManager App icon:

Logging into and accessing AppManager in either of these two ways ensures that there is a proper connection between AppManager and the SharePoint data that is being managed.

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