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Advanced Filtering

The Advanced Filtering is available only for the Authoring App type.  When the list of content items in an author app becomes very long, the Advanced Filter can be used to further refine the search results by searching the actual data within selected fields of the content items.


The Advanced Filter displays all the columns present in the current content app’s associated list


Once a column is selected, the correct logical search operators are displayed for that column.  For example, the operators for Title (text field type) are different than the operators for Start Date (date field type).


The search term box will also adapt to the column type.  For example, a text box is displayed for a text field type, and a date picker will appear when a date field type is selected.

Finally, multiple filters can be logically combined (using “And”, “Or”) to create a compound search.  Clicking on the “Add more…” displays another search entry.  You can choose the “And/Or” operators between the sections and then click on “Filter” button to see the results.  You can add as many additional filters as needed.  Clicking on the “X” deletes the associated filter.


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