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Override Subsites In AppManager

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By default, AppManager will list ALL of the subsites available in the current Site Collection in the “Change Site” listing. However, there are times when you may want to hide some of the subsites as they may not be applicable for use in the AppManager. Hiding those sites can also help with the performance of the “Change Site” listing.

The Override Subsites feature can be used to instruct AppManager to ONLY list those sites that are specifically selected.

Configuring Override Subsites

  • Set the key below in the interchange.settings.config file to “true” to enable the “Override Subsite” feature of AppManager. This feature will allow the user to set which departments/subsites will be manageable by users in AppManager.

<add key=”akumina:OverrideSubsites” value =”true”/>

  • The subsites can be added and removed from AppManager by navigating to the following URL in AppManager


  • In the selection box, Cntrl+click to select the subsites that you want to appear in the “Change Sites” list in AppManager and then click on “Update”.
  • Next time “change” is selected for any user, only the subsites selected in the list above will appear in the “change site modal”
  • This list should be updated as you add additional subsites to your site or change the sites you would like to be managed by AppManager.
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