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Summary Links Widget

Summary Links Widget


A powerful and versatile widget that enables frontend content creation and editing without the need for the advanced concept of content apps or the need to manage multiple lists. For additional detailed information, please reference Working with Summary Links Widget


  • Provides ability for inline editing within the Experience Builder (seeWorking with Summary Links Widget) 
  • Allows ability to add, edit and delete content  
  • Allows ability to add, edit or delete groups and reorder content
  • Allows ability to add, edit or delete links and images to content 
  • Allows ability to insert images from image gallery 
  • Allows ability to add links to other pages 
  • Allows ability to display user preference for multilingual enabled users 
  • Allows ability to configure content from remote site collections and/or combination of root and sub-site lists 
  • Allows ability to configure presentation layer of content


  • Widget Name: SummaryLinksWidget 
  • Available With:  Release 5.0 and Above
  • Content App Type:  N/A
  • Content Type:  AkuminaSummaryListWidget 
  • Content App Name:  N/A
  • List Name: SummaryLinks_AK
  • Recommended Images Sizes:  N/A 
  • Dependencies:  N/A 


  • N/A – There is no content app associated with this widget


Collection ID  Identifies the collection id of the item in the SummaryLinks_AK list 
Display Collection Name When checked, the collection name will display 
Enable Using Fallback Language   If enabled will use language fallback (if on a different language and there is no content, the content of the default language will appear)
Widget Framework  React


View Name:  Default 

View Description:  View is dependent on the content and presentation layer selected in widget.

View Preview: Default


View Preview: Feature Box View

View Preview: Default Carousel View

View Preview: Thumbnails


View Preview: Linked List

View Preview: Expanding List with Groups

View Preview: Expanding List with No Groups

View Preview: FAQ

View Preview: Call to Action

View Preview: Call to Information

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