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Version 4.5 Releases

Release date: 9/13/19

AppManager Product Version: 4.5.1909.1320

Akumina Framework Version: 4.5.1909.1320

Akumina Framework Functionality

  • Anchor Items:
    • Added a new Curated Widget for the content author to display a curated list of items (news, events, people, etc.) to drive home site or sub-site page experience pulling curated items from multiple sites/lists to present one targeted list
    • Enhanced Search Experience to create a more robust search feature with the ability to work with headless and modern platforms
    • Updated the front-end Framework to run in a headless environment to work with experience builder, persona builder and impersonation engine creating faster performance and increased configurability
  • Enhanced Single Page Application functionality to dynamically load and change page URL to create a page performance advantage and presents a single pane of glass to the user
  • Enhanced HTML Content Widget to display user preference for multilingual enabled users; provide ability to insert images from image gallery and link to other pages
  • Several performance enhancements included to improve overall performance

AppManager Functionality

  • Anchor Items:
    • All new Curated Content App Type provides the ability to create a new curated list of items to establish a definitive sortable list from multiple SharePoint lists and multiple SharePoint sites
    • Added Content App Field Order Display to provide an authorized user the ability to reorder the display of content app fields to list the most important fields at the top to improve the content authoring experience
    • Phasing out of Interchange settings config to use a business friendly UI within the settings area – to allow an IT admin to easily see the configured settings.
  • Added ability for content authors to create new sub term for taxonomy categories within metadata field types
  • Corrected Metadata Taxonomy Label textbox display when multilingual enabled
  • Azure Traffic Manager Real user measurement thru settings
    • MIME Check
    • Simultaneous login controls
    • Third party Java script updates
  • Translation API updated to use version 3 of Microsoft Cognitive service

Akumina Foundation Two Site Functionality

  • Enhanced Profile Page to add additional user information and provide standard look and feel modals
  • Enhanced News Experience allowing users to like and share articles, and provide additional commenting features
  • Enhanced My News functionality to provide search results across all 4 news lists (blogs, breaking news, foundations news, special announcements) utilizing NewsCardsWidget
  • Enhanced Directory Page to provide additional contact details, enhance profile detailed page and provide a consistent front-end user experience
  • Enhanced Department/Sub site page to provide a consistent front-end user experience; providing standard look and feel modals
  • Enhanced Mobile View to improve mobile display presentation of content
  • Enhanced Workspaces to provide a consistent front-end user experience; providing standard look and feel modals


  • Ability to store all sensitive keys in KeyVault URL as one JSON file

Developer Functionality

Release date: 7/3/19

AppManager Product Version: 4.5.1907.0366

Akumina Framework Version: 4.5.1907.0344

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Anchor Items:
    • Included upgrade compatibility support for customers converting from 4.1 to access the latest 4.5 features.
    • All new Widget Instance Creation allows an authorized user to add new widget instances to the Experience Builder page during page creation (auto list provisioning coming soon).
    • Added a new widget HTMLContentWidget to provide inline editing of existing or newly created content within the Experience Builder.
  • Enhanced the main menu directory functionality to enable keyword search of the entire user directory in addition to name search capabilities.
  • Enhanced Virtual Page load time significantly.
  • Added iFrame Buster to Page Lifecycle to remove iFrames from o365 page loads which would intermittently cause IE to crash.
  • Corrected global search to search entire site directory and activate search after hitting enter key.
  • Corrected multilingual fallback language for widgets when no content is available in the appropriate language.
  • Enhanced mobile support of OOTB widgets.
  • Several performance enhancements included to improve overall performance.
  • Enhanced debug panel information to display cache counts, persona properties, performance updates, and widget instance displays.
    • “Widgets on page” has been cleaned up and introduced a widget search.

AppManager Functionality

  • Anchor Items:
    • Added Content Distribution to enable push/pull technology to seamlessly distribute content across multiple sites for authoring and publishing of content.
    • Added cache management screen to configure cache intervals on certain objects (more configuration coming soon).
  • Added ability to access user fields and values from other third-party data sources; in addition to Azure directory.
  • Added friendly labels within the persona edit schema screen to allow business users to customize field labels.
  • Added better usability around advanced search capability of Content App listing screen with lists having more than 5000 items.
  • Introduced language label support for taxonomy selector.
  • Corrected download widget instance on subsite for a selected instance.
  • Added multilingual metadata taxonomy label support to display appropriate language labels.
  • Corrected Content App settings permissions to distinguish member and owner groups permissions when members part of owner group.
  • Widget packaging system supports 4.1 widget packages.

Developer Functionality

  • Added new Yeoman generator – “yo akumina.”
  • Lots of nice bells and whistles added for developers.
  • Launched https://akumina.github.io/ for developers (more documentation and videos coming weekly).

Release date: 5/7/19

AppManager Product Version: 4.5.1905.0795

Akumina Framework Version: 4.5.1905.0796

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Enhanced the frontend management UI to provide a consistent front-end user experienceproviding standard look and feel modals, consistent displays, branding and debugging tooling.
  • Revamped the Akumina Tray widget from a spinner on the left side to a more modern experience on the bottom of the screen, and added tray functionality:
    • Added a new icon for the Impersonation Engine for an authorized user to act as an Incognito user.
    • Added a new icon to search for existing pages to easily locate and edit pages.
    • Updated existing icons with robust functionality and color coding when selected.
  • EnhancedPage Builder functionalityto create Experience Builder, the nextgenerationtechnologyExperience Builder allows for maximum flexibility to define pages, page layouts and page types based on desired user experience.
    • Added a new Virtual Experience Canvas (VXC) component within Experience Builder for ease of use in creating customized page layouts and re-useable page designs.
      • Added a Zone Edit Mode feature to allow for widget customization of the row and column cells within a page layout.
      • Added an Exchange Edit Mode feature to allow widgets to be easily moved or re-ordered between cells.
      • Added a Container Edit Mode feature to restrict cells to specified widget instances within a page layout.
      • Added a Zone Restriction ability for saving and reusing page layouts.
      • Added Clone page ability to easily and quickly create new page layouts.
  • Added two new VXC page editing tray widgets; a bottom tray and a right panel tray:
    • The VXC bottom tray provides unlimited flexibility to modify and edit the page layout by specific cells.
    • The VXC right panel tray enables page edit mode to allow for the new page to be added to a menu, save the page layout, save page for future editing, and publish the page.
  • All new Impersonation Engine functionality allows an authorized user to preview the content through the lens of another user (persona); navigate the entire site based on the personato ensure their content is being personalized properly and the right personas are consuming their content. It can also be used to troubleshoot content issues and make adjustments as needed without involving additional resources
  • Added ability to reuse widgets on multiple pages by providing page specific property bag functionality for widgets.Allowingthe same widget instance to be used across multiple pages with different properties without the need to create a new instance.
  • Added new alert dialog box to track inactivity and assist users in maintaining active sessions in the case they may get signed out due to inactivity.
  • Several performance enhancements included to improve overall performance.
  • Enhanced debug panel information to display cache counts, persona properties, performance updates, and widget instance displays.

AppManager Functionality

  • All new Persona Builder Management App provides ability to personalize content to targeted employees. Allows content authors to customize the messaging content based on the persona; providing a filtering ability to create a relationship between content and employee user attributes.
    • Added a new friendly UI for business users to create new personas based on user fields and values selected from a subset of Azure directory or other available third party directories.
    • Persona Builder dynamically creates a highly targeted and personalized user experience based on real-time user attributes; without requiring development resources.
  • Added persona tagging ability on Author and Quicklinks App types for quick tagging of content and menu items to a certain persona.
  • Added ability in Content Apps to enable and require personas.
  • Added a new widget PageListWidget to provide a list of pages based on persona/metadata filtering.

PeopleSync Functionality

  • Enhanced Persona Support functionality to provide faster data retrieval.
    • Added schema extraction capability for query fields.
    • Added Query Execution functionality to populate user persona.
  • Added ability to synchronize data from any enterprise provider.
  • Added ability to synchronizedata from multiple data sources into a single gold source for Azure Search Service.
  • Added new capabilities to enable OOTB functionality for API and tokencalls for Okta.
  • Added user/group faceting support to provide the ability to merge values from group to user groups within Azure search service.
  • Added new live Azure Search Index update capabilities during data extraction.
  • Several command file enhancements included; sync, add/delete search Index, and cleaning stale objects; to improve overall performance.

Developer Functionality

  • Lots of nice bells and whistles added for developers.


Version 4.1 Releases

Release date: 3/26/19

AppManager Product Version:  4.1.1901.0118

Akumina Framework Version: 4.1.1901.0115

Foundation Site Version:  4.1.1901.0112

BackgroundProcessor: 4.1.1901.0115

AppManager Functionality

  • Added support for adding term sets from app manager on taxonomy columns that allow it.
  • Addressed issues with taxonomy selector where selection contained approximately 20 or more values.
  • Added better support for File App in Multilingual mode – addressed publish and save issues.

Release date: 3/19/19

AppManager Product Version:  4.1.1901.0115

Akumina Framework Version: 4.1.1901.0115

Foundation Site Version:  4.1.1901.0112

BackgroundProcessor: 4.1.1901.0115

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Weather widget – Updated to support Yahoo API changes.
  • Document Viewer – Corrected issue with displaying sub-folders in certain circumstances.
  • Enhanced DMS widget to support additional special characters within files and folders.
  • Page widget – corrected page rendering issue in sub-sites.
  • DashboardContainerDragDropWidget – added integration point to allow for save widget call back feature.
  • GenericItemWidget – addressed “isroot” property not working correctly.
  • Added “UseEncryption” setting in DigispaceConfigurationIDS_AK.
  • Corrected issue with Akumina tray not loading properly with EnableAzureAD set to false.
  • Performance update – Resolved issue within workspaces where the group to page map was fetched in large query rather than incrementally.
  • Added base64 conversion support on email addresses passed in query string.

AppManager Functionality

  • web.config updates are required for this release.
  • Added RSS endpoint in API connector to support RSSWidget.
  • Management Apps – Forms Manager – corrected Z index field display which prevented proper editing of forms.
  • Updated endpoints to support base64 conversion of parameters.
  • Added additional XSS sanitization for input fields across the application.
  • Fixed date time conversion issues related to daylight savings time.
  • Office PNP Version Upgraded to 3.6.1902.
  • Numerous fixes related to “Service Hub” and “Headless” experiences.

Release date: 1/1/19

AppManager Product Version:  4.1.1901.0108

Akumina Framework Version: 4.1.1901.0108

Foundation Site Version:  4.1.1901.0111

PeopleSync V2: 4.1.2018.1205

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Added support for upgrading from existing 4.0 version to 4.1 version
  • Multilingual – QuickLinks and Slider Apps – fixed caching issue with new language version not displaying content when created
  • Restored Tooltip on Content App Fields missing in initial 4.1 release
  • View page – if a visitor has only VIEW permissions then hide the Edit button
  • Slider App – corrected an issue where infinite spinner displayed when approval settings enabled
  • View Manager now displays views within sub-folders

AppManager Functionality

  • IE11 Dashboard My Apps Widget – fixed issue with app list not refreshing when selecting a different site
  • Workspace – Create Task – fixed issue with Task Description not being SAVED when created in Bucket view
  • Added Akumina Version to front end debugger
  • Workspaces Tasks Widget: Made due date optional instead of required
  • Workspaces Tasks Widget: Addressed issues with dates due to cross browser timezone detection
  • Workspaces – corrected issue where an uploaded photo from a mobile device was being rotated 90 degrees
  • Workspaces – Document Detail page – corrected issue where changes where not being displayed immediately after checkin
  • Corrected process to not copy the workflow stage status when creating a multilingual language version of an item
  • DMS widget updates
    • Major performance updates, added lazy loading to FolderTree and Grid components to support thousands of documents
    • Removed DMS Spinner at global page popup level – displays only within the grid / folder /refiner
    • DMS Control – Added ability to Sync Folder / Library for Offline Use
    • Added support of DMS control in workspace context
    • Address numerous issues related to special characters within folder or file names
    • Removed DMS refiner component – use DocumentViewer if this is a requirement
  • Corrected multiple mobile / Android S7 issues
    • Dashboard My Team widget bottom person was cut off
    • Search icons positioning
    • Left rail was cut off in landscape mode
    • Directory page – Filters not working

Release date: 9/19/18

AppManager Product Version:  4.1.1809.1925

Akumina Framework Version: 4.1.1809.1923

Foundation Site Version:  4.1.1809.1916

PeopleSync V2: 4.1.1809.1900

BackgroundProcessor: 4.1.1809.1925


Note: This release is for new O365 installations only.

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Introduced the Akumina Widget Builder, which provides developers with a development tooling/process (inside Visual Studio Code using Node.js) and automated packaging tools that ensure widgets are built with the new Akumina Widget structure so they can fully integrate with the Akumina tool set. (The “akumina-widget-builder” package can be found on npmjs.com)
  • All Akumina Widgets built with the new enhanced Widget Model and packaged for portability
  • Akumina Foundation Site now deployed with new enhanced widgets
  • All new “Add Page” functionality which allows authorized users to create a new page and add widgets to that page all from the front end site with no need to access SharePoint.
  • Added Content Quick Edit – quickly jump right from a front-end content item to its Edit screen in AppManager
  • Akumina Tray Widget (spinner) now supports permissioning of each tray item to control access to the tray functions (and the tray itself)
  • Document Viewer is now the default document management solution deployed in the Foundation Site (replaces DMS)
  • Reorganized and simplified the Widget Properties Panel for better usability – this includes quick preview of view selections
  • Added the “digitalWorkplace.env.js” file, which is where the InterchangeURL and the InterchangeQueryKey are now stored. They will no longer be stored in the digitalWorkplace.custom.js. The site creator will use the same logic on this file for replacing the “tokens” based on the inputs from site creator. This way, the digitalWorkplace.custom.js can be deployed for testing and final production without worrying about cleaning out the environment variables.
  • Performance enhancements on the core page lifecycle steps to take advantage of the $batching API
  • Added “Performance” tab to the debug screen which displays execution times for all of the steps in the page lifecycle to help with performance optimization
  • Added more support for offloading SharePoint queries to Akumina web APIs to reduce load on O365


AppManager Functionality

  • All new AppManager user interface, focused on significantly improving the user experience in both look and feel, and most importantly in usability and productivity.
  • Enhanced the Akumina Widget Model and Widget Manager to support Auto Provisioning Widgets – which automates the creation of the supporting list assigning of content types and term sets when creating a new widget instance
  • All Akumina Widgets added to the Widget Store (50+ widgets) for easy addition to any project
  • Widget Store enhanced with one-step “Upgrade” function to get the latest changes to any existing widgets – this allows for quick upgrades or patches of widgets without having to update the core framework
  • Added ability to set permissions on a content item in Author Type apps
  • Added instance count to Widget Manager for each definition (on View Instances button)


Version 4.0 Releases

Release date: 10/19/18

AppManager Product Version:  4.0.1802.0184

Akumina Framework Version: 4.0.1802.0189

Foundation Site Version:  4.0.1802.0159

PeopleSync V2: 4.0.1808.0855


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Improved overall page lifecycle times – use of event loop has been reduced – most notably an improvement in o365
  • Improved the getwidgetjs bundle call performance – browser cache now handles caching this file properly – mostly affected a IE 11
  • Added new setting to ConfigurationContext to prevent the Azure AD user group fetch from executing during page lifecycle (LOADER_STEPS_ENABLE_FETCHADGROUPS)
  • Added new Performance tab – Total Connect Time and Total Render time
  • Core updates related to DateTime / DST / reoccurring events
  • Calendarwidget DST updates
  • Added new Performance tab to Akumina developer debugger


AppManager Functionality

  • Added minor integration point to Content App Listing screens to allow for various column data to be shown (Images, etc)
  • Addressed error with SP Onprem ‘Method System Update does not exist’ when updating a content item

Release date: 8/30/18

AppManager Product Version:  4.0.1802.0180

Akumina Framework Version: 4.0.1802.0181

Foundation Site Version:  4.0.1802.0159

PeopleSync V2: 4.0.1808.0855


AppManager Functionality

  • Enterprise Keywords Columns are now supported in AppManager
  • Additional Date/Time fixes to allow for multiple off sets of time in a single time zone.
  • Deselection fixes for metadata columns

Release date: 8/23/18

AppManager Product Version:  4.0.1802.0179

Akumina Framework Version: 4.0.1802.0181

Foundation Site Version:  4.0.1802.0159

PeopleSync V2: 4.0.1808.0855


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Addressed issue in getwidgetjs call not functioning predictability in Safari
  • Enhancements in the areas of both performance and security


AppManager Functionality

  • Enhancements in the areas of both performance and security

Release date: 7/30/18

AppManager Product Version:  4.0.1802.0177

Akumina Framework Version: 4.0.1802.0179

Foundation Site Version:  4.0.1802.0159

PeopleSync V2: 4.0.1808.0855


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Added capability to set the default controls which appear in the dashboard on a user’s first access
  • Improved performance by removing creation of a separate widget instance for each user accessing the Dashboard.
  • Made a change to the page lifecycle to acquire the Azure AD token earlier which alleviates the “refresh” effect
  • Reduced size of Important Dates query to SharePoint for performance
  • Added minification to digitalworkplace.css to reduce file size and increase performance
  • Updated error messaging when FormDefinition is out of sync with form list columns (column missing or named differently)
  • Fixed issue with LiveMode not working correctly in previous patch release
  • Fixed issue with calendar displaying wrong time when user has no time zone set
  • Fixed issue for Forms with “Upload File” – form was not getting processed if no file was added.
  • Fixed issue with tooltips showing as question marks on Forms fields – (Support-256)
  • Fixed issue with MY Forms Dashboard widget not displaying in some cases


AppManager Functionality

  • Added capability to disable the duplicate title uniqueness check in AppManager content app to allow for situations where duplicate titles are needed
  • Added a “Created By” filter to the Content App Settings which will only show items created by the logged in user
  • Fixed issue with required date fields not being enforced
  • Corrected validation message for required multiline fields
  • Fixed issue with the Comments section of the content apps not displaying correctly
  • Fixed issue where two versions of an item were being created in a list on Publish when “Create Versions” was enabled in the list
  • Fixed issue with Link Resources in CKEditor not displaying all items in the selected list

Release date: 6/15/18

AppManager Product Version:  4.0.1802.0175

Akumina Framework Version: 4.0.1802.0174

Foundation Site Version:  4.0.1802.0158

PeopleSync V2: 4.0.1805.3139


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Improved performance by reducing the number of calls to Languages_AK in multlingual sites
  • Corrected issue with the loader step GETWIDGETJS in the front end not respecting setting in DigispaceConfigurationIDS_AK


AppManager Functionality

  • Forms – provided option for submission notification emails to be sent to all users in the list as one email rather than separate emails
  • Corrected issue to allow {{Site Members}} and {{Site Visitors}}, and {{SiteTitle}} for apps provisioned by the Site Creator
  • Corrected issue with widget views not importing correctly when on the root tenant site
  • Corrected issue with Managed Metadata filter in Akumina app when the list field internal name and display name do not match

Release date: 5/15/18

AppManager Product Version:  4.0.1802.0173

Akumina Framework Version: 4.0.1802.0172

Foundation Site Version:  4.0.1802.0157

PeopleSync V2: 4.0.1805.1438


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Corrected Daylight Savings Time (DST) issue with Event Detail and Department Calendar date/time
  • Corrected issue where the Important Dates widget was showing the incorrect display name during loading


AppManager Functionality

  • Users outside of the OWNERS group can now create forms when using OAuth for authentication



  • A new version, PeopleSyncV2, with increased capacity and much faster sync times.

    Note: PeopleSyncV2 can only be used with AppManager 4.0.1802.0173 and above.

    Important: If you are upgrading your PeopleSync to V2, you will have to delete the existing aaduser.xml file from your storage location so that the new sync information can be generated.

Release date: 4/3/18

AppManager Product Version:  4.0.1802.0171

Akumina Framework Version: 4.0.1802.0171

Foundation Site Version:  4.0.1802.0157


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Fixed intermittent footer logo not loading on Foundation Site
  • Improved page performance by reducing the initialization time for widgets
  • Improved the “snap in” effect of the workspace featured listing widget
  • Corrected issue in generating departments (subsites) with “&” in the title
  • Improved reliability of the PeopleSync process


AppManager Functionality

  • New web.config setting to improve caching support for widget.js calls through the Services Hub improving site performance. Can be enabled in any 4.0 based site.

Release date: 3/20/18

AppManager Product Version:  4.0.1802.0170

Akumina Framework Version: 4.0.1802.0169

Foundation Site Version:  4.0.1802.0156


AppManager Functionality

  • Fixed issue which prevented Akumina forms workflows from executing (introduced in 3/1/18 release)
  • Added capability to autofill one column field based on another column field in the AppManager content editor (requires javascript added to akumina.custom.js)

Release date: 3/13/18

AppManager Product Version:  4.0.1802.0169

Akumina Framework Version: 4.0.1802.0169

Foundation Site Version:  4.0.1802.0156


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Fixed issue with the DigitalWorkplace Site Search, where the type ahead search results did not always match the results on the Search Results Page.

Release date: 3/6/18

AppManager Product Version:  4.0.1802.0169

Akumina Framework Version: 4.0.1802.0168

Foundation Site Version:  4.0.1802.0156


AppManager Functionality

  • Fixed issue with Reusable Content not functioning if HTML is encoded
  • Fixed issue with the Image Picker pagination of images
  • Fixed issue causing error when a user tries to access a content app where they have more than one permission set on the associated list (through multiple group memberships for example)


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Fixed issue with Reusable Content not functioning if HTML is encoded
  • Fixed issue with Generic Search List not returning results if the default SharePoint Results Source was set to any option other than “Local SharePoint Results”


Release date: 3/1/18

AppManager Product Version:  4.0.1802.0167

Akumina Framework Version: 4.0.1802.0167

Foundation Site Version:  4.0.1802.0155


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Fixed issue with the disabling of the “Submit” button once a form is submitted

Release date: 2/1/18

AppManager Product Version:  4.0.1802.0165

Akumina Framework Version: 4.0.1802.0165

Foundation Site Version:  4.0.1802.0155


AppManager Functionality

  • New Advanced Filtering in the AppManager Author Apps listing page allows for filtering based on any list column data
  • Support for Reusable Content insertion in the AppManager editor
  • Enhancements to the View Manager to display fully highlighted source code with line numbers
  • New security encryption options for Azure Table stored data for both in-transit and at-rest data
  • Enabled the use of Azure Keyvault to secure the Azure Table connection string data as well as the Background Processor credentials
  • For on-premise installs, enabled the use of certificate serial number for the SSL high trust certificate
  • Enabled support for Redis shared cache for AppManager load balanced environments
  • In addition to the enhancements, the following issues were addressed:
  • AppManager not displaying time fields correctly when Server time was not set to UTC
  • AppManager not recognizing users added via AD Group nested in SharePoint group
  • Addressed issue with required rich text fields not validating correctly on publish


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Support for Reusable Content rendering in the front-end framework
  • Enabled new integration points with Akumina Workspaces
  • Enabled a new token mechanism between the front-end framework and the Akumina Services Hub for handling the Graph Token duration and security using OAuth
  • Added a front-end View Manager editor for fast access to make modifications to views
  • Increased limit on forms attachments to 2GB
  • In addition to the enhancements, the following issues were addressed:
  • User time zone adjustments for Department Calendar and Event Detail views
  • Akumina Workspaces document preview pane completely leveraging user permissions
  • Apostrophe in search terms not returning correct results
  • Firefox adding %20 in search widget when a space was used in search term

Release date: 12/11/2017

AppManager Product Version:  4.0.1712.1100

Akumina Framework Version: 4.0.1712.1100

Foundation Site Version:  4.0.1712.1100


AppManager Functionality

  • Fixed logic issue with Save button functionality when versioning is disabled
  • Corrected issues with image editing in the Image Picker under certain conditions
  • Added a configuration key to disable the Widget Store
  • Added a “Show Asssigned Views” to the Widget Manager to display views that are in use
  • Fixed IE11 issue with tabbing between fields in Content App
  • Added changes in Site Creator for description and help text on multilingual logo images
  • Fixed IE11 issue with missing logo image in Site Creator


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Added support for Workspaces to function when O365 Group creation is locked down for the tenant
  • In Workspaces Tasks, added an “unassigned” category when sorting by People
  • Fixed issue with email address case sensitivity for authentication
  • Fixed issue with IE11 not recognizing users who exist in mapped AD group
  • Fixed issue with IE11 not recognizing rail item enable setting until refresh
  • Added performance improvements for large number of users in user file (aadusers.xml)
  • Made changes in the Foundation Site footer control list to address footer widget reordering
  • Fixed permission access for visitors to enable site features such as dashboard, forms and favorites
  • Fixed issue with left rail flyout conflicting with refiners on Directory page in Foundation Site
  • Fixed issue with Important Dates widget not correctly displaying Featured recurring events that started in the past
  • Corrected link in My Apps flyout for IE11 to enable Apps display

Release date: 11/6/2017

AppManager Product Version:  4.0.1711.0605

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Version:  4.0.1711.0606

(For O365-based Installations ONLY)


New Functionality

  • New Akumina Workspaces project-based collaboration solution (licensed separately)
  • Auto Translation for multilingual (machine translation using Microsoft Cognitive Services)
  • New Drag/Drop interface for managing dashboard widgets (replaces checkbox selection)
  • New Content App Creation Flow (enables multiple content apps/list !!!)
  • New Employee Detail page
  • File encryption capability for sensitive files stored in the AppManager end point
  • AppManager sub-site selection configuration


Performance/User Experience Enhancements

  • Streamlining of the Graph API connection for added performance
  • Performance enhancements to the Page Life Cycle
  • Ability to set widget loading priority in the Page Life Cycle
  • Ability to have a custom loading view to replace the standard “Loading…” to improve the user experience
  • All widget instances now loaded from AppManager endpoint for optimum performance on page load
  • Improved performance in communication between AppManager and SharePoint


Developer/Admin Functionality Enhancements

  • Import/Export of widget instances/definitions/views/JS code – useful for promotion of code from development to production and sharing of widgets
  • Preview of the new “Widget Store” to enable access to new widget solutions
  • “Nesting” of widgets – adding a widget to the view of another widget
  • Ability to enable/disable Page Life Cycle steps via configuration list (no js code changes needed)
  • DigispaceConfiguration list items redefined for enhanced performance
  • Separation of the core framework from the Foundation Site for individual deploy/update
  • Enhanced the Debug Pop-Up page for usability (Ctrl-uparrow)
  • Removed requirement to create a callback to bind image and link fields to view
  • Jump point from front end widget view to AppManager Content App
  • Jump point from front end widget view to widget instance
  • Improved Generic List widget to auto map URL and image fields without the need for a callback
  • New licensing mechanism using single key
  • Added new widget icons and descriptions which appear in AppManager and in Drag/Drop interface
  • Enhanced People Directory filter conditions to include “contains” operator


Additional Items Addressed:

  • New PeopleSync Console app enhancements
  • Auto-detect if service is running longer than expected
  • Phase out of PeopleSync Management app
  • Updates to My Activity to support new GraphAPI calls
  • Alphabetized filters in the People directory
  • Client Secret expiration notice
  • Addressed issue with Date/Time Picker and Daylight Savings time
  • Extended the number of form report entries from 1000 to 5000
  • Added ability to exclude menu items from search info so that when someone searched on a term that is included as a menu item all pages don’t get returned.
  • Cleaned up the themes css files for the Foundation site to organize common classes
  • Addressed an issue with the “My Recent” tab in the Document Summary List (DSL) widget not returning all the correct files
  • Addressed Department News List widget to pull back summary and postdate
  • Increased unique widget instance support from 1000 to 4999 per site collection


Version 3.4 Releases

Release date: 10/5/2017

AppManager Product Version:  3.4.1704.0364

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Version:  3.4.1704.0377


AppManager Functionality

  • Improved performance in communication between AppManager and SharePoint


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Addressed an issue with the “My Recent” tab in the Document Summary List (DSL) widget not returning all the correct files


Release date: 10/2/2017

AppManager Product Version:  3.4.1704.0363

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Version:  3.4.1704.0376


AppManager Functionality

  • Addressed issue with the AppManager User Picker not listing all users for selection

Release date: 9/8/2017

AppManager Product Version:  3.4.1704.0362

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Version:  3.4.1704.0376


AppManager Functionality

  • Addressed issue with Quicklinks when a Managed Metadata column was included in the list
  • Addressed issue with AppManager User Picker not displaying all users (was only showing users in the current site)

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Address an issue where the GenericSearchList widget was ignoring the “Enable Paging” setting

Release date: 8/31/2017

AppManager Product Version:  3.4.1704.0361

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Version:  3.4.1704.0375


AppManager Functionality

  • Addressed issue with certain users not seeing the Content App “Add New” button and Image Picker based on their permission


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Enhance the Banner widget with more integration points (additional fields, callback)
  • Addressed an issue where the Graph API token was not refreshing
  • Updated My Activity rail item to support new Graph API call (previous call was deprecated).  This fix can be applied without updating the core files by adding to the custom js file (see documentation)
  • Added new condition to the People Directory filter to allow for setting a facet condition of “contains”

Release date: 8/3/2017

AppManager Product Version:  3.4.1704.0360

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Version:  3.4.1704.0370


AppManager Functionality

  • Added ability to specify which subsites to manage using AppManager to optimize performance of “Change Site” modal


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Resolved performance issue where all metadata fields were being returned even if selectedFields were specified
  • Added support for partial widget instance loading as a part of the page lifecycle – currently all widget instances are being returned – this applies mainly to customers who have over 250 widget instances

Release date: 7/25/2017

AppManager Product Version:  3.4.1704.0359

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Version:  3.4.1704.0367


AppManager Functionality

  • AppManager login page – Icon missing
  • Fixed issue with Forms submission report – getting error when two users share same display name
  • Fixed issue with App access permissions on a list where inheritance is broken
  • Fixed issue with adding a line feed in the Form Description impacting Forms Manager


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Fixed issue with Calendar widget filter not working when using with non-Calendar_AK named list
  • Fixed issue with Important Dates widget date display for all day event, or when start time was in last four hours of a day

Release date: 7/17/2017

AppManager Product Version:  3.4.1704.0357

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Version:  3.4.1704.0366


AppManager Functionality

  • Updates to the Akumina Forms logic to address issues with editing and deleting existing form fields and data retention
  • User will be asked to confirm deletion of a form field and warned that all data will be lost
  • Once a form is published, will not be able to change the “Name” property of any existing field
  • Fixed issue with handling authentication in AppManager for users whose email address was not available in the Site Collection

Release date: 7/6/2017

AppManager Product Version:  3.4.1704.0356

Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Version:  3.4.1704.0365


AppManager Functionality

  • AppManager performance enhancements
  • Addressed issue where AppManager was not correctly granting permissions for users mapped using Active Directory Groups
  • Added differential sync to People Sync so that only new/changed users are processed each sync
  • Includes differential sync console app to schedule synchronization times
  • Added new keys to interchange.settings.config to enable performance improvements by disabling certain options if not needed.
  • Addressed issue with the FAQ Widget only displaying first 10 FAQ questions.
  • Addressed issue in People Directory widget that caused filters with commas in them to not filter results correctly.
  • Resolved AppManager caching issue causing reordered content apps to appear to revert their order
  • Forms Manager – Added clarification note that users without email addresses are not available to assign to workflow or email notification.
  • Site Creator – Added additional checking to prevent illegal characters in Department URL
  • Site Creator – Allowed use of “&” and ” ‘ ” in Department title.  Added additional checking to prevent illegal characters.
  • Resolved issue with Image Picker introduced in Patch 3 that prevented newly uploaded image from appearing in image list


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • Fixed problem with GetPageLevelPermissions step if “_spPageContextInfo.listPermsMask” is null
  • Fixes issues with Graph redirect issues in certain circumstances
  • Performance enhancements around getting neutral lists in multilingual enabled front ends
  • Fixes for department colors not being properly loaded in our foundation site
  • Fixes for double ‘loader/completed’ call when using Graph and first loads
  • Updated naming of the ‘prefix’ in our logs to include Akumina branding
  • Added support for loading widget instances from Interchange endpoint when dealing with large number of widget instances (configurable)
  • Addressed issue with the Rail not returning the Rail Items in the correct order
  • Added support for the recycle bin in the DMS widget
  • Updates to the GenericItem widget to support “viewxml” and “idOrTitle” properties
  • Addressed rare scenario of multiple calls to Error.html if Error.html view is not found

Release date: 4/28/2017

Product Version:  3.4.1704.0351


AppManager Functionality

  • Addressed issue with Multilingual setting not being recognized during subsite creation when DSS config is in Load Balanced scenario
  • Made performance improvements with Image Picker when traversing lots of folders with lots of images
  • New Feature – Added the ability to configure the logging path which allows logging files to be outside of the web directory
  • Addressed issue when Deleting items from AppManager and it not honoring the recycle bin settings
  • Addressed issue with some systems not converting or recognizing UTC to GST time zones properly
  • Site Creator tool – Subsite dropdown no longer appears empty during individual step execution
  • The search page is now deployed correctly during i365 intranet deployment
  • Addressed issue with Add Page Content step failing if versioning was enabled on the Pages Library
  • Performance enhancements made to speed up form processing


Akumina Framework/Foundation Site Functionality

  • My Forms widget has been improved to prevent forms from being edited if they are still in workflow
  • Fixed Calendar Title property to not be hardcoded in English for multilingual default installs
  • Form widget now supports Multilingual tokens
  • Some vendor files were being double included (handlebars and magnific-popup) these have been removed (file size reduced for digitalworkplace.min.js)
  • Directory widget has been updated to show correct avatar sizes
  • Friendlier error messages added for developers when querying non-multilingual lists when multilingual is enabled
  • Addressed caching issue on subsequent page loads requerying the list of Widget instances (performance enhancement)
  • Form widget no longer allows multiple submissions when the form properties are configured to restrict submissions
  • Added CSS commenting for easier customization
  • Loader steps have been optimized to use REST calls instead of CAML and multiple steps have been merged into ASYNC calls instead of Sequential
  • Search List widget has been improved to support Hybrid search environments
  • Addressed a rogue console.log in custom.js sample file which would cause issues in certain IE browsers
  • Added support for turning off certain steps in the page lifecycle and also still supporting live mode
  • Event Detail widget now queries correct site collection for the view template (instead of the / site)
  • The Akumina Tray now hides the edit widget properties instead of just preventing clicking if proper permissions are not detected
  • Added jquery and jqueryui check in case there is already a version of jquery or jqueryui being loaded
  • Removed use of window.load for jquery 3.0 support

Release date: 4/13/2017

Product Version:  3.4.1704.0350


AppManager Functionality

  • Multilingual Support (licensed featured) including:
  • New Language Manager App to enable languages, set their fallback and control visibility on the front end
  • Language variations of a content item can be easily created from the default source language and be instantly ready for translation.
  • A side-by-side comparison mode allows the content author to be editing or translating one language item while viewing the same item in a second language for reference.
  • Dynamically switch between content language views of an item using the Language Selector
  • New Site Creator functionality for deploying a new multilingual site (with placeholder English and Spanish content) OR adding multilingual to an existing site
  • Supports the full set of 205 IETF language tags using the language-country code designations
  • Support for Left-to-right and Right-to-left languages
  • Ability to specify multiple admin and reporting groups in Global Settings
  • Addition of a “Delete” function in the content apps in App Manager (under Admin control) so that Content Editors don’t have to ask their admins to remove old content
  • Ability to sync user profile data from EITHER the SharePoint Profile Service OR the AzureAD service through simple dropdown selection (Also deployed in 3.3 Patch)
  • Displaying of the SharePoint list name in its associated Content App editing interface (for Admins only) to help with initial setup and IA tasks
  • Improvements to the integrated view management in the Widget Manager, including the ability to upload new view HTML directly in the Widget Manager
  • Performance improvements to both the backend App Manager and the front-end framework
  • Improvements to the Site Creator interface to ensure only applicable options can be selected – preventing accidentally redeploying and existing site or set of assets
  • Added refresh button to View Manager folder display to ensure latest Style Library assets appear
  • Added a new configurable logging framework to select the type of data to log, as well as where to save the log (selected file location, Azure table, or both).


Foundation Site/Akumina Widgets Functionality Fixes/Improvements

  • Multilingual Support (licensed featured) including:
  • Language awareness is built in to the framework and applicable OOTB widgets
  • Versions of managed content items are linked to each other, changing languages on the site simply renders the newly selected language version of each managed content item.
  • Can also have language versions of Widgets – change widget functionality based on the language!!
  • Fully supports “fallback”.  Where there is no matching language version available for an item, the options exist to either not display any content or to display content from the specified fallback language.
  • For static content (labels, messages, etc.) our unique “token” technology dynamically changes all static content in the site to the selected language.
  • Introducing a new “Live Mode” switch in the lower left access point which disables the caching for Content Editors so that they can view their changes immediately
  • Enhanced Search UI with new layout and facet displays, and full multilingual awareness
  • Significantly Improved initial load times for the Digital Workplace site
  • Page Life Cycle framework enhanced to allow developers to modify the steps that it executes (i.e. the Interchange Query Key check can be turned off once the site is setup)
  • New “white background” built in style template for the Digital Workplace
  • Converted the Alert to a Generic List widget so that it can be managed as a content app and also support multilingual (removed control app)
  • Added “Clear Language Cache” function to the debug panel for use with multilingual content
  • Added link to AppManager in the lower left access point (spinner)
  • Improved page load times by using parallel step execution



IMPORTANT: Beginning with the 3.4 release, the following key must be added to the “interchange.settings.config” file to enable the processing of forms.  If you are using the forms functionality in an earlier release, please add the following key to interchange.settings.config after upgrading:


<!–Forms Processing Site Collection List–>

<add key=”akumina:FormsProcessingSiteCollection” value=”” />


Value is a comma separated list of the site collections on which you are using the forms functionality.  The site collection full path (https://akuminadev1.sharepoint.com/sites/SiteCollection1 e.g.) must be specified for each site collection.


Version 3.3 Releases

Release date: 2/8/2017

Product Version:  3.3.1612.2865


AppManager Functionality

  • Updated People Sync Management App to support synchronization from SharePoint User Profile Service in addition to AzureAD
  • NOTE: CONFIGURATION CHANGES REQUIRED. See “Using SharePoint User Profile Service with InterChange 3.3” below.
  • Upgrade Subsites option moved to Site Collection root site update process in Site Creator
  • Corrected issue with launching of Image Gallery content from My Latest Content panel
  • Corrected time zone issue between user timezone and site timezone causing event hours to be changed on edit
  • Corrected issue with Change Site modal not displaying button when only one subsite exists


Foundation Site/Akumina Widgets Functionality Fixes/Improvements

  • Updated People Directory to support the display of people data from SharePoint User Profiles Service
  • New integration point for adding custom steps to the Digital Workplace page lifecycle to increase customization options for developers
  • On Upgrade, all widget instances for the default site controls are generated.  For snippet based sites, this means that changing to the new widgets functionality only requires replacing the current snippet code with the widget instance code (don’t have to spend time creating the instances).
  • Deactivated site setting in SharePoint (Mobile Browser View) which was causing issues with responsive view on mobile devices




IMPORTANT: Using SharePoint User Profile Service with InterChange 3.3:


For InterChange 3.3, to enable syncing from the SharePoint profile service, the following changes need to be made:


In the unity.interchage.config file, UNCOMMENT the following lines:


<!– Sharepoint People Sync –>

<!–register type=”IPeopleDirectoryUserFetcher” mapTo=”PeopleDirectoryUserFetcherServiceSP” /–>



AND COMMENT OUT the following default line for AzureAD:


<register type=”IPeopleDirectoryUserFetcher” mapTo=”PeopleDirectoryUserFetcherService” />



Finally, download the appmanifest file from the current InterChange APP in SharePoint, ADD the following line and then reupload the InterChange App package as a new version:


<AppPermissionRequest Scope=”http://sharepoint/content/tenant” Right=”Read” />

Release date: 11/17/2016

Product Version:  3.3.1611.1722


AppManager Functionality

  • Modified the token renewal logic to extend sessions and avoid the frequent timeout errors
  • If session timeout in InterChange, redirects to Interchange login page and/or provides message and link to login page (depends on the timeout location)
  • Fixed View Manager to support multiple Site Collections on one InterChange


Foundation Site/Akumina Widgets Functionality Fixes/Improvements

(enabled by updating digitalworkplace.min.js on an existing site except where noted)

  • Support for external users – disables AzureAD for the external user so that site loads correctly
  • Fix to SharePoint Bar hide/show to eliminate space at bottom when toggling
  • Additional help text displayed for resolving GraphAPI connection issues
  • Fix to RSS feed widget to support additional feed constructs
  • Calendar control enhancements
    • ability to display events from root calendar in a subsite
    • widget property to auto filter on a specified category
    • widget property to show or hide the category filter dropdown
  • People Directory – (also requires updated PeopleDirectory/default.html and digitalworkplace.css in addition to new js)
    • First or Last name search boxes added (“search type” in control app is now ignored)
    • Ability to configure the directory to point to a different source file (instructions to come from Jason)
  • Added “isroot” property to the event detail widget
  • Corrected a display issue on the Video Summary widget for more than 3 videos
  • Important Dates – added support for displaying calendar events that include times, dates, etc.
  • Fix to Image Gallery custom app parameters in web.config

Release date: 11/8/2016

Product Version:  3.3.1611.0814 (Hotfix)

AppManager Functionality

  • Fix to support IE11 and Edge browsers in high trust configurations with self-signed certificates (required for supporting the SharePoint Marketplace distribution)

Foundation Site/Akumina Widgets Functionality Fixes/Improvements

  • Important Dates Widget: Added additional detail fields to support display of calendar events
  • Department News Widget: Resolved issue causing infinite loop when no departments specified
  • Resolved display issue with “Hide SharePoint Bar” left rail function which could cause a blank space at the bottom of the browser when toggled on/off.

Release date: 10/28/2016

Product Version:  3.3.1610.2813

AppManager Functionality

  • Improved AppManager log file messages
  • Fixed issue with site logo display in Site Creator
  • Increased default forms to display before paging to 20 in General Forms Reporting

Foundation Site/Akumina Widgets Functionality Fixes/Improvements

  • Added a SharePoint Bar hide/show function to the left rail in DWP for individual users
  • Added a scroll bar to My Activity in DWP to support longer activity lists
  • Added the ability in Site Creator to specify pages to exclude from search results
  • Added Banner widget support in Digital Workplace
  • Corrections to left rail styles in DWP on infinite scroll pages
  • Added support for high-trust on-prem configuration in Firefox/Chrome
  • Modified Home Page Department News widget to display with only one department
  • Corrected “View All News” link in Department News summary widget
  • Corrected handling of intermittent IE/AzureAD delays in DWP with messaging and auto-retry
  • Fixed issue with Content Block widget support in Digital Workplace
  • Fixed default template support for Important Dates widget

Release date: 10/6/2016

Product Version:  3.3.1610.0661

Key features delivered for this release:

  • For Developers/Designers
    • All new dev framework which provides a true PLATFORM for the development of state-of-the-art digital workplace solutions
    • New View Manager App – allows developers/designers or advanced users to quickly make modifications to the HTML markup of ANY of the Digital Workplace controls.
    • New Site Creator SDK – allowing developers to make changes to default deployment process of the Digital Workplace, or to allow them to start from scratch in deploying their own custom site.
    • New Management Apps Settings – ability to create, add, rename and set permissions on individual Management Apps (just like Content Apps)
  • For Admins/Business Users
    • All new Image Gallery Custom Content App (built with our SDK and deployed with Digital Workplace) to manage the Photo Gallery with ease!
    • Image resizing/cropping integrated into the Image Picker for all apps
    • Ability to access folder properties, change folder names and share folders in the DMS (Document Management Control)
    • 50% reduction in Quicklinks publishing times, with the ability to add links to Category nodes
    • Completely revamped Site Creator for amazing ease of use!
      • Streamlined Configuration Management Screen (instead of the multiple control apps in earlier releases)
      • New Branding settings with Themes as part of the Configuration Management screen
        • Logo uploader
        • Theme Selector with 9 built-in themes (Blue, Lightblue, Light, Gray, Green, Midnight, Orange, Purple, Red)
      • Default provisioned site that renders content completely without Azure AD dependencies (removed targeting as a default).
      • New deployment option which can generate the Digital Workplace Foundation Site and 4 default departments in one action
      • All required deployment keys (such as the department name, color, Azure AD on/off) set as part of deployment – little or no post deployment configuration!!
  • Critical product defects addressed
    • Functional and performance defects addressed across the product functionality


Version 3.2 Releases

Release date: 7/22/2016

Product Version:  3.2.1607.2209

  • Support for Creation, Submission and Reporting of Forms
    • Forms Manager Admin App for Forms creation
    • Forms Reporting App for access to submission data and submission approvals
    • My Forms to allow users to keep a record of all their form submissions right from their intranet
    • Additions to CKEditor and Quicklinks to enable browsing and adding of form links
    • Prepackaged approval and notification workflows that can be assigned to any form
    • Pre-packaged forms (Feedback, IT Request and Vacation Request) provided
  • Enabled spell checker in CK Editor
  • Google Maps control updated to support latest Google API Key technology and allow for setting of default location
  • Simplified sub-site creation screen
  • Critical bug fixes including
    • Announcements ordering logic based on start date
    • DSL Modified Date fix
    • And more

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