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Outlook Mail Addin for Forms

The Outlook Mail Addin enables the ability to for approvers of form from the Akumina AppManager to receive email notifications in Outlook that allows them to approve, reject and comment on form submissions directly from the Outlook email.  The Outlook Mail Addin must be installed by an admin of the O365 tenant into Outlook to be available for users.  This topic describes the installation and configuration process.

Installing the Addin

  • Download the installation package which includes the “Akumina.Interchange.MailAddin.xml”
  • Edit the xml file and update the <DomainURL> value in the three places indicated below to point to your AppManager Domain URL.


<Domain URL>  =  https://YourAzureSiteName.azurewebsites.net

  • Log into your 0365 tenant as an Administrator
  • Navigate to Admin > Admin Centers (left Column) > Exchange.
  • Under the “organization” header click on “add-ins”.
  • Click on “+” and from the dropdown menu select “Add from File”
  • Browse and Select the updated Akumina.Interchange.MailAddin.xml from your local machine, and click on Next.
  • “Akumina Mail Task Approval” will appear in a Disabled state. Double click on “Akumina Mail Task Approval”, a modal window will appear, select Radio button “Optional by default” and then SAVE.

The Addin is now activated.  When a user receives an email from an AppManager-based workflow, the approval task link “Akumina Mail Task Approval” will automatically appear as part of the email body.  Clicking on the link will surface the approval box (the user will be prompted to login to AppManager if they are not already logged in).

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