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App Explorer – Content Apps Tab Overview

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The following section provides an overview of the Content Apps tab functionality.  The Content Apps tab is the initial landing page when entering any site within AppManager.


Your Apps

The content Apps which are available for the current user are displayed here.  Access to each content app is controlled by SharePoint permissions (set in the Content App Settings), so two users could have different apps displayed based on their permission settings.

  • Content Apps can be arranged in any order for the current user by dragging and dropping the icons to the desired position.  If there are many content apps, this allows the user to personalize the list, moving their most used apps to the top of the list.


  • The user can also search for a content app by typing part of the name in the search box.  The apps will filter based on the letters entered (three letter minimum).  Clearing the search box will display all the apps again.


  • Launching a Content App is as simple as double-clicking on the content app icon
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