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User Activity Widget

User Activity Widget


Provides a personalized overview of a user’s activity subscriptions with the ability to activate/deactivate subscriptions. Corporate Activity Stream subscriptions cannot be deactivated by a user.



    • Displays Activity Streams Configuration
    • Settings to activate/deactivate Activity Stream subscriptions
    • Displays number of saved cards for user activity streams 


    • Widget Name: UserActivityWidget 
    • Available With:  Release 5.0 and Above
    • Content App Type:N/A
    • Content Type:  N/A 
    • Content App Name: N/A
    • List Name:  N/A 
    • Recommended Images Sizes:  N/A 
    • Dependencies:   Activity Stream Subscriptions


N/A, data is pulled from Activity Streams


widgetframework Determines the type of framework the widget provides. Value = react


View Name: Default 

View Description: Provides the ability to manage optional subscriptions and displays an overall view of all subscriptions, available to the logged in user.

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