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My Forms Widget

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Summary View (used on Dashboard)


Full View


Main Features

  • Displays a list with links of the forms submitted by the current logged in user
  • Supports both Summary View and a Full View modes
  • Can be used on the Dashboard or on any site page to list all the forms a user has submitted
  • Clicking on a form item in Full View opens the form for viewing or edit (depending on the submission status)

Uses Content Type: (click to view content type definition)


Widget Properties Example Instance


Property Details
title The title to display on the widget
version Values are “summary” for the Summary view and “fullview” for the Full View
pagesize Selects the number of items to display before paging
icon Selects the icon that is displayed to the left of the widget title.
VIEW View Name = MyForms (used for Full View)

View Template URL =



View Name = Dashboard-MyForms (used for Summary View)

View Template URL =



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