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Token and Cookie Durations

The Akumina Framework based front-end site uses a combination of cookies and tokens for authentication with the AppManager and accessing the SharePoint/O365 data through the GraphAPI. For security tuning, the duration of both the token and the cookie are configurable.

Note: Although the token and cookie durations are separately configurable, it is recommended that they be set to the same duration.

Configuring the Token Duration

In the DigispaceConfigurationIDS_AK list in the SharePoint Site Contents, add the following item:


with the value you want the token to last for in minutes



This will result in the token persisting for 14 days.

Note: If there is no “AkTokenDuration” entry in the DigispaceConfigurationIDS_AK list, then it defaults to 20160 minutes.

Configuring the Cookie Duration

In the interchange.settings.config file, which is part of the AppManager installation, add or set the following key:

<add key=”akumina:DwpCookieDuration” value=””/>

Where the value is specified in minutes.

Note: If there is no “akumina:DwpCookieDuration” entry or no value set, then it defaults to 20160 minutes.

This is how long the DWP cookie stays good for, which allows you to query AppManager(GRAPH API) without going through the redirect..

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