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Creating your AppManager Web Site

The web site AppManager must be created on your Hosting Server for on-premise.

The Example below is an on-Premise solution.  The local server is running Windows Server 2012/R2 (with all Service Packs, Hotfixes, etc.). The AppManager website will be created using IIS.


Login to your AppManager Web Site Hosting Server as Administrator

From the Windows Start menu, open IIS as an administrator.

In the Connections explorer (left pane), right click on the Sites folder and click “Add Web Site…”

The Add Website Popup window will appear.

In The dialog box below complete the following:

  1. Set the Site Name and Application Pool.  Example:  Site name = AppManager, Application pool = AppManager.
  2. Navigate and click or create the Physical Path for your website (our example is C:\inetpub\AppManager).
  3. Set binding Type should be http.
    • Leave IP address set to “All Unassigned”.

Set binding for https:

  1. Set the Port address to 44301 (not 443 because other SharePoint® sites may use this port).
  2. Click “Select…” and set the SSL certificate (if https is being used). Example:  AppManager SSL.
    • Set binding for https:
    • Enable the port as you defined in the APPRegNew example 44301 the binding can be set to https.
  3. Click “Start Web site immediately”
  4. Click “OK”.

SAVE to Notepad – Site name– you will need this when running the AppManager Installer.

Save to Notepad – Physical path – you will need this when running the AppManager Installer.


The Site will now appear in IIS Site Tree in the left Column and be displayed in the center pane.


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