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Generic List Widget

Generic List Widget


Designed as a flexible widget that works with all content types and passes list items to a widget view, that’s rendered on the site. 


  • Provides a summary list of the items in the news list 
  • Displays and Orders the items based on their Start Date 


  • Widget Name:  GenericListWidget 
  • Available With:  Release 4.1 and Above
  • Content App Type:  N/A 
  • Content Type:  N/A 
  • Content App Name:  N/A 
  • List Name:  N/A 
  • Recommended Images Sizes:  N/A 
  • Dependencies:   SharePoint





List is on Root Site When checked, the widget references the list on parent/root site collection.
Selected list columns
Columns in the SharePoint list that the widget is utilizing
Enable Paging If false, the widget will not display paging controls

If true, the widget will display paging controls (if implemented by developer in widget)

Items/Page Sets the number of items to display on each page IF paging is enabled.
List Name Name of the SharePoint list that contains the data to be displayed for this widget instance.
Function to call after fetching data OOTB -Blank (used for widget expansion):  Name of the function called after data has been fetched by the widget.
isasynccallback If true then the call back method runs asynchronously
viewxml The viewxml contains any special manipulation of the data that needs to be done by the widget BEFORE it gets render by the specified view.  In this case, the viewxml is set to the following query string:

<View><Query><OrderBy><FieldRef Name=’Start_x0020_Date’ Ascending=’FALSE’></FieldRef></OrderBy><Where><And><Leq><FieldRef Name=’Start_x0020_Date’ ></FieldRef><Value IncludeTimeValue=’TRUE’ Type=’DateTime’><Today ></Today></Value></Leq><Or><Geq><FieldRef Name=’Expires’ ></FieldRef><Value IncludeTimeValue=’TRUE’ Type=’DateTime’><Today ></Today></Value></Geq><IsNull><FieldRef Name=’Expires’ ></FieldRef></IsNull></Or></And></Where></Query><RowLimit>4</RowLimit></View>

Note that the number of items (Rows) to display on the site is specified in the <RowLimit>4</RowLimit> argument.

callbacktype Determines the type of call back method, if customdataload then the call back method will pull the dataloadproperties as the call back’s arguments
dataloadproperties Arguments pulled into the call back method if the callbacktype = customdataload. Click here to learn more about dataloadproperties and call back methods
cache interval Sets the time (in secs) that the data should be saved in the local browser cache of the current user.

0 = do not cache the data for this widget

-1 = use the default caching strategy set in the Digital Workplace configuration

[whole number] = cache for specified time (secs)

Order By Field that the items are ordered by
Order Direction Order (ascending, descending) that the widget displays
Function to call before binding the UI events OOTB -Blank (used for widget expansion):  Name of the function called after the UI has been rendered to the screen
Site Collection URL Site collection URL where the SharePoint list defined in “List Name” can be found.


 Each view for the Generic List widget is driven by the instance the widget it’s working with.  Akumina does deploy and use this widget on several pages.  The following views are set on this widget definition:

View Name:  News List – Modern – Full

View Description:  Full – Displays content from a SharePoint list, usually a news or interior page type list.  This view displays what ever is set in the “Select list column”, it respects “Start Date” and Expire which is controlled via the query defined in the widget property “viewxml”.


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