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Generic Embed Widget

Generic Embed Widget


The Generic Embed widget is a flexible widget which can embed any type of content, SharePoint or from an outside source


  • The Generic Embed widget allows an iframe to be embedded on the page as content
  • The column data returned for that item can be specified on an instance basis
  • The GenericItem widget can work with any list and is not dependent on a specific content type
  • As a flexible content data retrieval widget, many views can be associated with the widget to provide flexible rendering of the data elements on the site.  The New Detail item above is just one example of a view that can be associated with the GenericItems widget.


  • Widget Name:  GenericEmbedWidget 
  • Available With:  Release 4.1 and Above
  • Content App Type:  N/A 
  • Content Type:  N/A 
  • Content App Name:  N/A 
  • List Name:  N/A 
  • Recommended Images Sizes:  N/A 
  • Dependencies:   Any type of content, SharePoint or from an outside source


N/A, Content is based on the URL you put in the properties


name Name of this instance of the widget
URL URL that the widget pulls data from
Height Height of the widget
Width Width of the widget


Views depend on what content you choose to embed in the widget.

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