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Bing News Widget

Bing News Widget


Quickly surface external news articles via Bing News.


    • Display external news feed based upon keyword and specified market from Bing cognitive services.


    • Widget Name:  BingNewsWidget
    • Available With:  Release 4.8 and above
    • Content App Type:  N/A
    • Content Type:  N/A
    • Content App Name:  N/A
    • List Name: N/A
    • Recommended Image Sizes: N/A
    • Dependencies:  Bing Resources
      • Bing Resources Key. Click here to learn more about acquiring a “Bing Resources” Api key. After Bing Resources key has been acquired:
        • For 4.8, the site administrator must set the key in AppManager>Settings>AppSettings Manager, AzureCognitiveServiceApiKey.
        • For 5.0 and above, the site administrator must set the key in AppManager > Settings > AppSettings Manager, BingResourceKey.




Displayed Title Title that will be used for the widget
Keyword Determines what keyword is searched for and returned on the Bing Cognitive Service
Market The market where the results come from. The market is a dropdown list of language/countries supported. For example, en-us (English-United States). On a multilingual site a language version of this widget instance can be created for each of the sites language and the Market value updated to display the appropriate language content example:  es-es (Spanish-Spain).
Safe search level Used to set filter levels for potential adult content results
Item count (max 100) Number of items to display in the widget
Show news story thumbnails? Checkbox to display the news thumbnail image
Path for image when no news thumbnail is returned Path for default image when Bing News does not return a thumbnail.
Show news source? Show news source checkbox, true/false
Bing News Search API Bing News API that is used to pull news source, this should be set to:
Cache Interval Sets the time, in minutes, that the data should be saved in the local browser cache of the current user.

·         0 = Do not cache the data for this widget

·         -1 = Use the default caching strategy set via Site Creator

Whole Number = Cache for specific time, in minutes

Function to call after fetching data OOTB -Blank (used for widget expansion):  Name of the function called after data has been fetched by the widget. 
Function to call before binding the UI events

OOTB -Blank (used for widget expansion):  Name of the function called after data has been fetched by the widget. 


View Name:  Bing News

View Description:  Display up-to a widget property (item count) specified number of articles returned from BING

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