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Administrator Reference Links

Please reference the table below for Quick Administrator Reference Links.

Item/Link Description
Foundation Site (Hive) Reference Guide An overview of the organization, pages, features and functions that are included in the Akumina Foundation Site default install.
AppManager Global Settings Allows an authorized user to configure the AppManager to point to the correct site address, image path, system email, user groups, and other important connections to SharePoint for each site in the Site Collection.
AppManager Content App Settings Allows an authorized user to add new content apps, and edit or delete existing content apps within AppManager.
AppManager Management App Settings Allows an authorized user to add new management apps, edit or delete existing management apps within AppManager.
Working with Author Type Content Apps


Working with Curated Type Content Apps


Working with Slider Type Content Apps


Working with Quicklinks Type Content Apps

Supported App Types in AppManager:

  • Author App Type: Base content app used for loading content
  • Curated App Type: Used for managing a curated list of items (new, events, people, etc.)
  • File App Type: Used for document uploads
  • Image Gallery App Type: Used for managing images
  • Slider App Type: Used for creating multiple “slides” of content
  • Quicklinks: Used for creating a hierarchical tree view of folders and links
Akumina Widgets Reference Guide An alphabetized listing of all available Akumina widgets with descriptions.
Akumina Widgets Supported Versions Provides the supported versions for the Akumina widgets and any dependencies.
Global and Page Specific Widget Properties Provides the descriptions and scenarios of when to use the Global Widget Properties and Page Specific Widget Properties.
Working with HTML Content Widget Instructions for using the inline editing capabilities from the front-end site.
Working with Summary Links Widget Instructions for using the Summary Links Widget to create and edit content from the front-end site.
Understanding Akumina Tray Functions A description for Akumina Framework and Experience Builder tray button functionality.
Using Rail Layouts to Customize Pages Rail layouts allow for widgets to be quickly set to the left or right of the main widget columns and easily resizes columns for a professional and custom look.
Working with Dynamic Pages Create consistency in site pages with consistent layouts, organization of pages and ease of content authoring  with a dynamic page template.
Updating the User Profiles Background Image Instructions for adding a SharePoint user property to support the Akumina intranet user’s profile background image.
AppManager Tool for Evaluating Configuration Provides validation of all configuration settings or a specific step in the AppManager configuration for the site with success/failure error messages.
Google Analytics for Modern Pages Instructions for adding Google Analytics tracking to modern pages.
Managing Term Sets Instructions for managing and updating the Term Store Management Site Collection.
Updating the SPA for a New Site Instructions for setting up the Single Page Application (SPA) Configuration for a new site.
Supported Software Configurations and Exclusions Provides a list of Akumina software configurations and environment support exclusions.



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