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Reusable Content

Note:  Reusable Content is not supported in Modern

Reusable Content is a list within a Sharepoint Publishing site which contains items that you can add to the content area of a publishing site. It allows you to store pre-formatted html or text items and gives you the ability to easily insert those items within any rich content at the mere click of a button in the AppManager editor.

For example, let’s say you have manually added copyright text to numerous articles throughout your website. To make an update you would have to go into each article that uses your copyright and make the same tedious changes. Depending on the size of your site, this could be a very daunting and time-consuming task.  The “Reusable Content” feature was designed for exactly this type of scenario.  Instead of manually adding the full copyright text to every article that needs it, you can store your block of copyright text within the “Reusable Content” list, and use a simple button in the AppManager editor to insert it anytime you need it.  And if you ever need to update the text, you do it once in the Reusable Content list, and it is updated everywhere on the site instantly!

To enable Reusable Content within the Akumina solution, the following options must be set by the System Admin in the DigiSpaceConfigurationIDS_AK list (or set in Site Creator when deploying the site):

  • EnableReusableContent must be present and set to “true”.  It is false by default if not added to the list.
  • ReusableContentList should be set to the name of the SharePoint list that contains the content.  If no value is set, it will use the default SharePoint list called “Resuable Content” that is provisioned as part of the Site Collection.  If creating your own list, note that it must have both the “Reusable HTML” and “Reusable Text” content types applied to it.


To start using Reusable Content, the items to reuse should be first added to the specified Reusable Content list. The Resusable Content defined in the root of a site collection is also available to use in any of the subsites.

When editing a content item in AppManager, a button will appear in the editor toolbar which provides access to the Reusable Content:


Clicking the button will display the Reusable Content modal which contains a dropdown of the titles of the available items to be inserted.


Selecting an item in the dropdown shows you a preview of the content in the selected item.


Selecting an item and clicking “OK” will insert a token for that item at the current cursor location in the editor.  In the following example, we have inserted two Reusable Content tokens (one at a time) into our content.  One for the byline, and one for the standard company copyright language.


When the content is published and viewed in the front-end site, the tokens are replaced with the value specified in the Resusable Content list:

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