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Calendar Widget

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Main Features

  • Includes both a grid view and list view of the calendar events
  • Supports category filtering
  • Supports .ics calendar format download of an event to add to calendars such as Outlook
  • Supports recurring events
  • Items displayed are security trimmed based on specific site user’s SharePoint permissions
  • Mobile-ready via Responsive Web Design

Uses Content Type: (click to view definition)


Widget Properties Example Instance


Property Details
listname Name of the SharePoint list that contains the data to be displayed for this instance.
title If a value is entered, then the title will appear on the header of the App.
Preview Value = false for this instance
icon Selects the icon that is displayed to the left of the widget title.
category If desired, the name of an existing event category can be entered here which will render the calendar with that category selection chosen by default.
isroot If false, the list which contains the data for this instance is on the current site.

If true, the list which contains the data is on the root of the Site Collection.

showcategories If false, the Category Filter will not be displayed

If true, the Category Filter will be displayed

VIEW View Name = Calendar

View Template URL =



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