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Installing AppManager into the SharePoint Site

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Installing On the O365 SharePoint Root Site (this is not supported in Modern)

If you are going to deploy the Akumina Digital Workplace on the root SharePoint site of your O365 tenant there are additional steps required before proceeding. Expand the following section and following the steps outlined. If not on the root site, proceed to setting up the App Catalog entry.

Steps for Preparing the O365 SharePoint Root Site


1. Turning on Custom Scripts on O365 Settings

The Root O365 SharePoint site does not allow content to be written to the Style library unless the “Custom Script” setting of SharePoint is set to “Allow user to run custom script on self-service created sites”.

On your O365 tenant, navigate to:

  • Admin > SharePoint > Settings.
  • Scroll down and select the highlighted in yellow radio button.

You may have to wait up to 24 hours for this change to take effect.

2. Convert the Root Team Site to a Publishing Site

Navigate to:

  • Site Settings > Site Collection features
    • Activate – “SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure”
    • Activate – “Workflows”

Navigate to:

  • Site Settings > Manage site features
    • Activate – “SharePoint Server Publishing”

3. VERIFY the Root Site Has Been Converted to Publishing Site

After Turning On Publishing, on the Site Settings Page, under “Look and Feel” verify you see “Design Manager”, if you do not then Deactivate “Publishing” in both the “Manage site features” and “Site collection features”, then turn them back on in this order – “Site collection features” and then “Manage site features”. The evidence of “Design Manager” proves the site has been converted to a publishing site correctly.

4. Turn on Navigation for the Site

Navigate to:

  • Site Settings > Navigation
    • Set Global Navigation = Managed Navigation….
    • Set Current Navigation = Managed Navigation…..
    • Managed Navigation: Term Set click on “Create Term Set”
    • Manage Navigation: Default Page Settings – Unclick “Add new pages to navigation automatically”Wait 24 hours before adding AppManager to the root Site Collection and deploying the Digital Workplace.

Installing AppManager into the App Catalog

Once you receive and customize the Akumina AppManager App Package, it needs to be installed on your 365 SharePoint Site.

  • Login as Administrator onto your Office 365 SharePoint site
  • Navigate to the “Office 365 Admin Center”, by selecting the Menu icon on the Office 365 ribbon, and then selecting the Admin APP on the “app launcher”
  • On the “Office 365 admin Center” page, navigate to the “SharePoint admin Center” by selecting “Admin > SharePoint” on the left Navigation.
  • On The SharePoint admin Center page, click “apps” in the left column Navigation.
  • The SharePoint Admin “apps” page will display.
  • In the right pane under “apps” click on “App Catalog”.
  • On the “App Catalog” page select left column Navigation “Apps for SharePoint”.
  • On the Apps for SharePoint select “+new”.
  • In the Popup window “Add a document” click on “Browse”
  • In the file explorer window navigate to the Folder C:\Akumina where the Akumina Installation package was copied to.
  • Click on file “”, and click on “Open” button in the file explorer window.
  • Once the file “” appears in the Choose a file input field, click “OK” button.
  • When the App upload is complete you will see the Product ID for this APP and that the APP is installed.

Adding the AppManager App to your Office 365 SharePoint Site Contents

  • Navigate to the “Site Contents” page by clicking the “Gear Icon” on the SITE Ribbon and from dropdown menu click “Site Contents” .
  • On the Site Contents page below select “add an app”.
  • On the “Site Contents > Your Apps” page, click on Left column Navigation  under “Your Apps”, “From Your Organization”
  • The dialog box “Do your Trust Akumina AppManager” will appear
  • Click on “Trust It”.

The “Site Contents” page will display where you will see your newly added App “Akumina AppManager”.

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